Interpol seeks IT Security Improvement

IT Security Improvement – Analytics, Incident Detection and Responses Solutions

Interpol, Lyon

Deadline 21/7


In an increasingly busy environment and where the volume of information exchanged is constantly growing, lot1 will reinforce the tools already in place, and will be dedicated to the analysis of network behavior, packet capture and correlation, discovering the network topology, detecting incidents and setting up a response program.


In order to strengthen our access controls and face the risk of information leaks, both internally and externally, it is necessary to better control our data environment.

Lot2 will be dedicated to the implementation of a global governance solution, the objective of which will be to analyze the current and historical data of the organization, to define the appropriate treatment(s) according to the nature and the sensitivity of the data discovered, identify the discrepancies and thus suggest and make the necessary corrections.

These solutions will have to meet several functional and technical needs.

• Integrate into an infrastructure without modification of the latter or interruption of communications and services.

• Provide a real-time global overview of the threat level

• Group anomalies intelligently

• Present and analyze the topologies of information systems and host events

• Consult network, systems, and application events

• Review historical data

• Summarize general behaviors

• Correlate anomalies and report back in the event of a security incident in real time

Interpol to select a new solution designed to securely publish Web Services/API plus a comprehensive API Management toolset

Call: Security, Network and Authentication & API Management

Contractor: Interpol, Lyon

2 stages: 1) application + NDA, 2) restricted tender

CONTEXT: To enhance global police cooperation, INTERPOL provides Web Services / Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to member countries and partners, through “INTERPOL Secure Cloud” and other channels. As threats and attacks constantly evolve, the highest level of security must be maintained for these services. Beside INTERPOL APIs offer is increasing year on year and needs for Analytics, monitoring, tool harmonization is becoming crucial I order to provide even better quality of service INTERPOL is launching an open call for tender to select a new solution designed to securely publish WS/API together with a comprehensive API Management toolset.

The goal of this call for tender is to give INTERPOL the ability to expose APIs and Web Applications for different user communities and with different security levels and to provide INTERPOL with state-of-the-art toolset for Security, Network & Authentication and API Management.

PURPOSE OF THE OPEN CALL FOR TENDERS: The Organization is issuing the present open call for tenders with a view to the conclusion and execution of a contract(s), the objective of which is the security, network and authentication and API management.

This open call for tenders is divided into the following two lots:

Lot 1 – Security, Network and Authentication (estimated starting date: end Q1-2022 to Q2-2022)

INTERPOL needs to securely expose its services on two different environments:

•             For Restricted Internet Clients:

Restricted Internet is considered as an Unsecure Network with Identified Clients. Communications need be encrypted “edge-to-edge” and strong authentication is required before the HTTPS traffic can be offloaded and forwarded.

In addition to the strong authentication, a second level of user authentication is handled by the Applications or Web Services Providers.

•             For Extranet Clients:

Extranet is considered as a Secure Network with Identified Clients. Communications need to be encrypted “edge-to-edge” without authentication. This means the HTTPS traffic can be offloaded and forwarded without strong authentication.

The authentication is done at a second level and is handled by the Applications or Web Services Providers.

In all the previously listed environments, the Applications or APIs requests must be inspected before being forwarded, to make sure they are clear of security threats.

An attack of any kind on one environment, must not impact the other environment.

Lot 2 – API Management (estimated starting date: end Q4-2021 to Q1-2022)

•             API Gateway

A server that acts as a front-end for all APIs, receives API requests, enforces throttling and security policies, guarantees authorization and security, passes requests to the back-end service and then passes the response back to the requester.

An API gateway often includes a transformation engine to orchestrate and modify the requests and responses on the fly. A gateway can also provide functionality such as collecting analytics data and providing caching. The gateway can provide functionality to support authentication, authorization, security, audit and regulatory compliance.

•             API Design / Publishing tools

A collection of tools use to design using OpenAPI, publish and deploy APIs as well as record documentation, security policies, descriptions, usage limits, runtime capabilities and other relevant information. They may also include test and debug the execution of API, including security testing and automated generation of tests and test suites, deploy APIs into production, staging, and integration/quality environments, and coordinate the overall API lifecycle.

•             API store/Developer portal

A store or catalogue where APIs can be exposed to internal and/or external stakeholders. This portal then serves as a marketplace for APIs, where users can subscribe to APIs, obtain support from users and the community and so on. It is a single convenient source information and functionality including documentation, tutorials, sample code, software development kits, an interactive API console and sandbox to trial APIs and manage subscription keys such as OAuth2 Client ID and Client Secret.

•             API Reporting and analytics

Functionality to monitor API usage, load, transaction logs, historical data and other metrics that better inform the status as well as the success of the APIs available.

Reporting and analytics functionality can be used by the API provider to optimize the API offering within an organization’s overall continuous improvement process and for defining software Service-Level Agreements for APIs.

•             Monetization

Functionality to support charging for access to commercial APIs. This functionality can include support for setting up pricing rules, based on usage, load and functionality, issuing invoices and collecting payments including multiple types of credit card payments.

The Candidates may submit an application for one or for both lots and must clearly specify for which lot(s) they are submitting the application.

The Candidates must submit the offer for all the items per Lot.

Deadline 12/10

Interpol needs IT apps builder

Call: Framework Contract for Consulting Assistance with Design and Build, Testing and Maintenance of INTERPOL’s Applications

Contracting Authority: Interpol, Lyon – Francie

The Tenderer may submit a bid for one or more batches:

Design and build

  • Batch 1.1 UX/UI
  • Batch 1.2 Business Analyst
  • Batch 1.3 Security
  • Batch 1.4 Application Development: o Standalone o Web o Mobile

Application testing

  • Batch 2.1 Functional Testing
  • Batch 2.2 Performance Testing


  • Batch 3.1 Corrective and Adaptive Maintenance of Applications

The Tenderer may submit an offer for one or more batches but may not dissociate services related to

one batch. The Tenderer must clearly specify for which Batch(es) and for which location (Lyon and/or

Singapore) it submits its bid.

Deadline 19/7

Videos, clips and animations production for Interpol

Zakázka: Multimedia Production

Zadavatel: Interpol, Lyon

Jazyk tendru: angličtina

Deadline: 25/6

Background: To improve the capacity and possibilities to fulfill requests to produce multimedia products, the Communication Office pursues to have a shortlist of multimedia production companies / individuals, which it can contact for outsourcing requests. This will enhance the flexibility and reactiveness of the Communication Office.

Type of work: The selected companies will be tasked with the production of single or a set of videos, short info clips, animations and/or photo reportages. These can be for the promotion of INTERPOL projects, events or operations. The Communication Office intents to increase the number of small animations and short video clips to have a more dynamic image fitting to current trends. Short turnover time will be required for most of the assignments.

Techniques: The techniques can be either live shoots, stock material, photo animations, interviews, motion graphics, 3D CGI animation and, or 360/VR, depending on the subject. Motion design (i.e animated titles, specialfx) will be required in most cases.

Duration: Videos/animations will have an average duration between 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.

Target platform: These productions can be disseminated in various and multiple ways, predominantly on web/social media or on-stage presentations. Videos/animations typically need to be delivered in the organizations four official languages (English, French, Spanish and Arabic). 

Delivery time: Depending the project and complexity, the delivery time from concept to final delivery will be between 2 to 6 weeks.

Scope of production: The shortlisted companies will be hired per project/production set, of which final delivery might consist of various final products deliveries. in case of video/animation production will consists of (if applicable): 1. Concept development, 2. Scripting, 3. Story boarding 4. Shooting/ production 5. Post production These steps will be done in close cooperation with and validated by the multimedia management of the communication office. Final delivery will be the final cut, in various languages, in various formats as required. This also might include raw rushes produced in the process. For additional photo assignments, a collection of edited images in logical selections will be delivered, both in RAW and jpg format.

Interpol hledá agenturu na novou globální digitální komunikační kampaň

Tendr: Development of a Global digital awareness campaign

Zadavatel: INTERPOL, Lyon

Deadline 29/5

Jazyk tendru: angličtina

Proposal should deal with these three main capacities:

1. Defining a Communication plan for a campaign in an effort to raise global awareness amongst INTERPOL’s National Central Bureaus and to engage external high-level decision makers within law enforcement, academia and police academies as well as the general public, private sector and media industry.  Noting that this is a 3-year project, present a skeleton of the plan year by year.  Explain briefly your strategy and your choices   Explain briefly how your plan will target different audiences

2. Production of a range of multimedia products to be published on digital platforms:   Demonstrate your story telling capacity  Mention who will inspire you and who you have collaborated with  Explain briefly your choices  Show your multimedia skills  Add links to products made by your company (if public)

3. Management of diffusion channels for multimedia products:  Channels proposed for the project  Analytics capacity, the way you use it and share your products  Explain how you will manage the distribution of products during the three year timeline

Globally in your offer you should:  Present your knowledge of the organized crime phenomenon and law enforcement community  Mention if you have already developed a communication plan/products for this type of project  Mention if you already work with public institutions and/or law enforcement entities, and provide examples (if this is not confidential)  Detail in your financial offer the cost of the different products  Describe your experience of managing confidential subjects

The bids shall be selected according to the following selection criteria:

 – Technical part: 60 %  Creativity, story telling  Technical capacity in multimedia production  Knowledge and choice of the diffusion channels   Schedule  Experience with law enforcement 

 – Financial part: 40 %  Price  Company profile (products and services offered, financial data, qualifications and references for similar transactions and human resources available)

Renewal of INTERPOL BGP internet architecture with DDoS and WAN over 2 datacenters

Tender: Renewal of BGP internet architecture with DDoS and WAN over 2 datacenters of the Interpol Secure Cloud, in Lyon (France) and Singapore.

Contracting Authority: Interpol, Lyon – Francie

Duration: 60 months

The present open call for tenders shall be divided into two phases:

Phase 1 – Call for application (with NDA signing) – deadline 11/2*

Phase 2 – Call for tenders

* Only those Candidates whose bid has been deemed admissible at the end of Phase 1 and who has signed a non-disclosure agreement shall be entitled to receive both Administrative and Technical Specifications and consequently submit a bid as part of Phase 2.

Background: Interpol is issuing the present open call for tenders with a view to the conclusion and execution of a contract to deliver the necessary equipment and services to renew INTERPOL BGP Internet architecture with DDoS and WAN over two datacenters of the INTERPOL Secure Cloud in Lyon, France and Singapore.

 The tender is organized in batches, each batch may have a different operational starting date.

 1. BATCH 1, DC1 BGP INTERNET Access, operational 05/2020

2. BATCH 2, DC3 BGP INTERNET Access, operational 05/2020

3. BATCH 3, DDoS protection, operational 05/2020

4. BATCH 4, DC1-DC3 private link, operational 03/2021

Bidders will be able to candidate on one or several batches.

Bezpečná síť pro Interpol (DNS služby + CDN infrastruktura)

Call: Secure Content Delivery Network

Zadavatel: ICPO — Interpol, Lyon

Kontrakt na 60 měsíců

Jazyk: angličtina, případně francoužština

Deadline 10. ledna 2020 – 17:00

Stručný popis:

— secured DNS services (secured DNS DNSSEC; DoS and DDoS attacks protection; DNS zone transfers)

— secured CDN infrastructure (availability on the 5 continents; DoS and DDoS attacks protection; web application firewall services; support API RestFul, websocket, tls1.3)

Máte strach z velkých mezinárodních tendrů? Tak zkuste nejdřív ty menší, o kterých nikdo neví…

Chcete se dostat k mezinárodním zakázkám, ale jít do velkých tendrů se zatím bojíte? Rádi byste si vyzkoušeli, jak to v EU funguje?

Pak přesně pro vás tu jsou tzv. středně-rozpočtové tendry EU, s limitem €144.000 (zhruba 3.7M korun). Jde o soutěže “pouze pro vyzvané” – zadavatel musí vyzvat alespoň 3 a obvykle jich ani víc nehledá – prakticky nikdo jiný se o nich nedozví, velcí hráči do nich nechodí… Vítězství je “na dosah”.

O to, abyste i vy byly jedním z vyzvaných, se postarám já. A pak i pomůžu s nabídkou tak, aby měla šanci. Vy zjistíte, jak to „chodí“… A až vyhrajete, můžeme společně zkusit i něco většího.

Těším se na spolupráci.

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