Interpol needs IT apps builder

Call: Framework Contract for Consulting Assistance with Design and Build, Testing and Maintenance of INTERPOL’s Applications

Contracting Authority: Interpol, Lyon – Francie

The Tenderer may submit a bid for one or more batches:

Design and build

  • Batch 1.1 UX/UI
  • Batch 1.2 Business Analyst
  • Batch 1.3 Security
  • Batch 1.4 Application Development: o Standalone o Web o Mobile

Application testing

  • Batch 2.1 Functional Testing
  • Batch 2.2 Performance Testing


  • Batch 3.1 Corrective and Adaptive Maintenance of Applications

The Tenderer may submit an offer for one or more batches but may not dissociate services related to

one batch. The Tenderer must clearly specify for which Batch(es) and for which location (Lyon and/or

Singapore) it submits its bid.

Deadline 19/7

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