Prague EU Space Agency to buy User Space Mock-up & Virtual Laboratory & Website Container

Contracting Authority: EU Agency for the Space Programme, Prague

Call no 1: User Space Mock-up

The subject matter of the procurement procedure is the development, delivery and installation in the EUSPA’s cloud infrastructure, of a mock up (‘’the User Space Mock-up’’) to showcase, in an augmented reality environment, the added value of the EU satellite services: EGNOS, Galileo and Copernicus. The User Space Mock-up shall be accessible through Internet connection.

Estimated value: Up to 60,000.00 EUR

Call no 2: User Space Virtual Laboratory

The subject matter of the procurement procedure is the development, delivery and installation in the EUSPA’s cloud infrastructure, of an online tool to verify and demonstrate in a cloud processing service the added value of the EU satellite services: EGNOS, Galileo and Copernicus (‘’the User Space Virtual Laboratory’’). The User Space Virtual Laboratory shall be accessible through Internet connection.

Estimated value: Up to 140,000.00 EUR

Call no 3: User Space Container

The subject matter of the procurement procedure is the development, delivery and installation in the EUSPA’s cloud infrastructure, of a website container (‘’the User Space Container’’) that will include the websites, already developed by EUSPA with WordPress CMS (Content Management System). The User Space Container will display information of the market uptake for EGNOS, Galileo and Copernicus.

Estimated value: Up to 100,000.00 EUR

Interpol seeks IT Security Improvement

IT Security Improvement – Analytics, Incident Detection and Responses Solutions

Interpol, Lyon

Deadline 21/7


In an increasingly busy environment and where the volume of information exchanged is constantly growing, lot1 will reinforce the tools already in place, and will be dedicated to the analysis of network behavior, packet capture and correlation, discovering the network topology, detecting incidents and setting up a response program.


In order to strengthen our access controls and face the risk of information leaks, both internally and externally, it is necessary to better control our data environment.

Lot2 will be dedicated to the implementation of a global governance solution, the objective of which will be to analyze the current and historical data of the organization, to define the appropriate treatment(s) according to the nature and the sensitivity of the data discovered, identify the discrepancies and thus suggest and make the necessary corrections.

These solutions will have to meet several functional and technical needs.

• Integrate into an infrastructure without modification of the latter or interruption of communications and services.

• Provide a real-time global overview of the threat level

• Group anomalies intelligently

• Present and analyze the topologies of information systems and host events

• Consult network, systems, and application events

• Review historical data

• Summarize general behaviors

• Correlate anomalies and report back in the event of a security incident in real time

NATO Software Factory: will you ever have another opportunity like this?!

RFI: Project “NATO Software Factory – DevSecOps Platform”

Contractor: NCI agency (NATO Communications and Information Agency), Brussels

NCI Agency is seeking information from Nations and their Industry regarding available managed services to meet the requirements for a NATO Software Factory DevSecOps platform managed service on the high side.

Responses are requested to be submitted by no later than Thursday, 23 June 2022, 17h00 (CET).

Summary of Requirements

The NCI Agency is performing a market survey in order to identify possible solutions to provide the NATO Software Factory DevSecOps platform on Azure Stack Hub as a managed service.

At this stage, the NCI Agency is willing to evaluate all the available offerings on the market which can provide a technological, robust, capable and cost effective managed service to NATO.

The system design should minimize total system life cycle costs, including its future Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

The high level requirements for the solution are listed below: Requirements IDDescriptionMoSCoW Priority
PCC_TECH_01Based on Azure StackMust
PCC_TECH_02Operate on-premises fully disconnected from internetMust
PCC_TECH_03The infrastructure is provided via a service contractMust
PCC_TECH_04Ability to run virtual machinesMust
PCC_TECH_05Ability to run Kubernetes clustersMust
PCC_TECH_06Ability to run PaaS DatabasesMust
PCC_TECH_07Support for storage (container, table, queue)Must
PCC_TECH_08Integration with Microsoft ADFSMust
PCC_TECH_09Ability to deploy all the resources by using infrastructure as codeMust
PCC_TECH_010Ability to interconnect with the current on-premises infrastructureMust
PCC_TECH_011Support for graphics processing unit (GPU)Must
PCC_TECH_012Ability to export logging and auditing data to third-party SIEM systemMust
PCC_TECH_013Administrative visibility (web-based) on platform healthMust
PCC_TECH_014Responsive Technical SupportMust

WIPO needs support in SW development and help with the ERP

ICT Services

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva

The RFP is divided in two lots:

Lot 1: Software development, architecture, operations and related services

Lot 2: Enterprise Resource Planning services

WIPO has a workforce of 1’300 staff members working mostly at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The selected contractors will be offered a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) for an initial period of 3 years, with a potential extension of up to a maximum of 4 additional years subject to satisfactory performance as further described in the Draft Contract.

Under the scope of services for Lot 1, the Organization has currently about 250 (25 onsite, 225 remote) external Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) working on about 100 business internally and/or externally facing applications. A description of the requested profiles (roles), major methodologies and frameworks, as well as major technologies is included in this document and its annexures.

WIPO requires services from vendors for:

• Technical resource augmentation: Projects frequently require resource augmentation during the design and development cycle. WIPO will be contacting companies qualified by this RFP process to request for proposals through minicompetitions.

The augmented resource will be contracted to join a multifunctional project team and fulfil a specific role in that project. In some cases, resources will be hired for less 100%.

• Delivery of turnkey solution: In certain cases, WIPO will want to outsource the delivery of a turnkey solution, rather than procuring individual resources. In these cases, we will invite vendors to provide a turnkey proposal, with quotation and presentation of such proposal.

Selected companies will provide expertise in the following areas:

• Application Development Services

• Application monitoring and support Services

• Data and Digital Assets Services

• Quality Assurance Services

• IT Service Management Services

• Entreprise Architecture Services

• Project and Program Services

• Infrastructure Services

Work assignments can be carried out on-site at WIPO’s premises in Geneva and/or offsite (nearshore or offshore as defined below).

For some specific needs, WIPO may require the external consultants to work beyond regular Geneva Headquarters’ office hours.

To deliver support services, consultants may have to work in shifts to provide continuous monitoring operation, to remain on call or to intervene remotely or on-site in case of emergency in order to fix problems.

Consultants will be working using a limited number of workplace configurations defined by WIPO, where workplace configuration encompasses user account, fully configured WIPO endpoint and remote connection software. In particular, for all the projects where connection to the WIPO internal systems is needed, account, WIPO endpoint and remote connection client will be provided by WIPO: the consultant will install the remote connection client on their own physical endpoint to securely access a WIPO virtual endpoint. The supplier must provide the physical endpoint and ensure the remote connection is fully operational from the consultant’s working location.


Background Information: The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Enterprise Solutions Division (ESD) is responsible for developing and maintaining WIPO’s ERP systems, named AIMS (Administrative Integrated Management System). The existing AIMS portfolio of products includes a combination of commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom developed applications based on Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE), Oracle Data Integrator

(ODI), Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle Hyperion, Taleo, PeopleSoft FSCM & HCM, and Acuity Stream (for risk management). The list of current technologies are available in table1 below.

AIMS is undergoing major transformation to modernize outdated technologies and adopt the organization wide Cloud first strategy. The transformation is expected to introduce several new cloud based technology platforms and services, for example CRM.

Objectives: Through this Lot 2 RFP, WIPO intends to select a number of contractors capable of providing time and material-based and work-package based (fixed-price) turn-key solutions for enterprise applications including on premise ERP, Enterprise Business Capabilities including SaaS Cloud applications, Integration platforms and low-code development platforms for the technologies specified in table 1 above and table 2 below to support the existing business applications maintenance and operations and to develop new ones as needed. It is important to specify that the list of technologies supporting the business application may evolve as new ones are introduced.

WIPO requires services from vendors for:

• Technical resource augmentation: Projects frequently require resource augmentation during the design, development and production support. WIPO will be contacting companies qualified by this RFP process to request for proposals, as per the below process. The augmented resource will be contracted to join a multi-functional project team and fulfil a specific role in that project. In some cases, resources will be hired for less than 100%.

• Delivery of turnkey solution: In certain cases, WIPO will want to outsource the delivery of a turnkey solution, rather than sourcing individual resources. In these cases, we will invite vendors to provide a turnkey proposal, with quotation and presentation of such proposal.

Indicative list of major technologies used at WIPO

WIPO has a cloud first policy (AWS, Azure, M365) and mainly use Java and Javascript for custom business applications. Please find below an indicative list of major technologies used at WIPO.

Company / Category      Technology

Amazon Web Service (AWS)       • Compute • Storage • Network • Serverless

Application Server          • Tomcat • Wildfly

Containers         • Docker

Data Visualization           • Tableau • Quicksight • Applaud • Kibana

Databases          • Oracle • (Aurora) MySQL • (Aurora) PostgreSQL • MariaDB • MS SQL Server

ERP        • Taleo • OBIEE • PeopleSoft ELM • PeopleSoft FSCM • PeopleSoft HCM & Payroll

Microsoft           • Azure • Dynamics • M365 • PowerApps

Oracle   • Chatbot • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure • Oracle Cloud Integrator • Robotic Process Automation

Operating Systems         • Linux (mainly Redhat) • Microsoft Windows Server

Programming Languages             • Java • Javascript frameworks

Development & Quality tools     • Atlassian Bamboo • AWS codepipeline • SVN / Git • SonarQube • Nexus • Crucible • Eclipse / MS Visual Studio • Selenium • jUnit • qTest

Other    • Liferay Digital • Opentext • Cherwell • Atlassian Jira • Atlassian Confluence

Integrované komunikační kampaně pro Úřad pro bezpečnost potravin EU

Tendr: Podpora komunikačních činností EFSA

Zadavatel: Evropský úřad pro bezpečnost potravin (EFSA), Parma

Předpokládaná celková hodnota bez DPH: €20.550.000

Zakázka má dvě samostatné / na sobě nezávislé části:

Lot1: vypracování integrovaných komunikačních kampaní a vývoj služeb souvisejících s multimediální a online komunikací jako samostatných produktů

Popis: Tato položka bude mít dvojí funkci, která bude pokrývat tyto dvě služby:

— část 1 – integrované komunikační kampaně: plánování, rozvoj, realizace, šíření informací a hodnocení integrovaných komunikačních kampaní. Pro účely této výzvy k podání nabídek je komunikační kampaň definována jako plánovaná posloupnost vzájemně souvisejících komunikačních činností, které sdílejí společný příběh a zaměřují se na stejné publikum a mají konkrétní časový rozvrh a vyhrazený rozpočet;

— část 2 – samostatné multimediální a online produkty (např. video, animace atd.) na konkrétní témata v rámci kompetence EFSA, nezávisle na kampaních, v rámci obchodní/obvyklé práce EFSA.

Budget €20.000.000

Lot2: zajištění stručných jazykových souhrnů (PLS) vědeckých výstupů EFSA, které jsou přístupné pro informovanou netechnickou veřejnost.

Popis: EFSA každoročně zveřejňuje přibližně 450 vědeckých hodnocení v Úředním věstníku EFSA. V posledních letech zveřejnil EFSA PLS řady svých klíčových hodnocení a nyní hodlá rozšířit program tak, aby pokrýval širší škálu jeho vědeckých výstupů. Vzhledem ke své ústřední úloze při ochraně veřejného zdraví je úřad EFSA povinen včas sdělit své zjištění: to znamená, že čas, který je k dispozici pro vytvoření PLS, je omezený. Vědecké výsledky EFSA jsou navíc vysoce technické a znění lze uplatnit tak, aby odráželo složitost příslušného hodnocení rizik. Vzhledem k těmto faktorům hledá EFSA podporu odborné komunikační agentury, která bude pracovat s oddělením pro komunikaci a partnerství EFSA (ENGEGE) a jeho vědeckými pracovníky za účelem vytvoření udržitelného programu PLS.

Budget €550.000

Deadline 19/7

ICT support (conception, development, implementation) for EU body in BXL

Tendr: Rozvoj, poradenství a podpora v oblasti informačních systémů pro Jednotný výbor pro řešení krizí – poskytování služeb v režimu čas a prostředky

Zadavatel: Jednotný výbor pro řešení krizí (SRB), Brussels

Rámcová smlouva na 4 roky / celkový budget €24.900.000

Zakázka je rozdělena na dvě samostatné / na sobě nezávislé části:

Lot1: Poradenské služby týkající se koncepčního, vývojového a implementačního informačního systému. Budget €19.900.000

Lot2: Správa a podpora informačních systémů a konfigurací IKT. Budget €5.000.000

Deadline pro nabídky: 5/7

Background and objectives: The objective of this Call for Tenders is to establish new framework contracts in cascade that would replace the existing Framework contracts SRB/OP/3/2018 under both Lot 1 and Lot 2 under which the SRB currently covers its needs in the field of IT services.

The Single Resolution Board launched in 2018 an open Call for Tenders aiming at the conclusion of new framework contracts for the provision of development, operations, consultancy and support services in the field of information systems, in time and means (and proximity time and means) mode.

The Call for Tenders in 2018 resulted in the establishment of Framework Contract and support for the Single Resolution Board (SRB) Information systems (IS) – Time and Means service provision.

Description of the current FWC: The services covered by the abovementioned FWC are the following: adaptation and/or integration of existing systems and products with activities such as project management, pre-analysis, feasibility studies, proof of concept, analysis, design, programming, testing, installation, customisation, documentation, training, end-user assistance and information systems consultancy services.

SRB/OP/3/2018 is divided into two distinct lots:

 Lot 1: Consultancy services related to the conception, development and implementation of information systems (IS) at the SRB premises.

 Lot 2: Administration, operations and support of information systems and ICT configurations for the SRB premises.

The two lots were awarded in the form of a cascade, with five contractors for Lot 1 and three  contractors for Lot 2.

Deployment support of digital replicas of the Earth system to monitor and simulate natural and human activities

Tendr: Visualisation & Immersive Technologies

Zadavatel: European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), Bonn

Kontrakt na 20 měsíců / budget €1.500.000

Details: Destination Earth (DestinE) will deploy several high resolution thematic digital replicas (digital twins, DT) of the Earth system to monitor and simulate natural and human activities as well as their interactions, to develop and test scenarios that would enable more sustainable developments and support European policy making. DestinE is intended to unlock the potential of observations and both physics-based and data-driven models for achieving a break-through in the realism of the simulation of Earth-system components.

This Invitation to Tender covers the provision of a technical implementation that demonstrates how DT results can be visualised and contextualised, including overlaying simulation and observational data and the provision of a very specific workflow: a visualisation and rendering service. Under this procurement, the digital twin concept shall be enhanced with immersive technology that blurs the line between the physical world and the digital or simulated world and ideally provides a capability to fully immerse the users in the virtual world.

Tenderers should submit proposals that demonstrate their ability to deliver high-quality visualisation & interactive (immersive) technology capabilities with a strong foundation in digital technology development. The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of criteria related to technology readiness.

ECMWF intends to award a single contract for a maximum duration of 20 months, expected to commence by September 2022, and with an end date not later than 30 April 2024.

Deadline 16/6

Chcete navrhovat instalace interaktivních výstav europarlamentu po celé Unii? Teď máte šanci

Tendr: Scénografie a plánování služeb pro Europa Experience a další EU zařízení

Zadavatel: Evropský parlament, Generální ředitelství pro komunikaci (COMM), Directorate for Visitors, Europa Experience Unit, Brussels

Předpokládaná celková hodnota bez DPH: €10.200.000 / doba trvání 60 měsíců

Stručný popis: Cílem výzvy bude vybrat plánovače všeobecných služeb pro návrh, specifikaci a koordinaci instalace interaktivních výstav jménem Evropského parlamentu. Což  bude zejména zahrnovat podporu provozních služeb při plnění následujících cílů:

1. zřízení prostor/projektů Europa Experience (EU-XP) ve všech členských státech EU spolu s klíčovými prvky franšízy Europa Experience v úzké spolupráci s EPLO a GŘ INLO;

2. případná podpora Evropského parlamentu při vytváření nových interaktivních prvků pro franšízu a návštěvnická zařízení Europa Experience, při posílení jejich dosahu, modernizaci nebo doplnění celkové nabídky pro návštěvníky Parlamentu.

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky: 4/7

Hlasovací systém pro hybridní jednání a jednání na dálku pro EU

Tendr: Hlasovací systém s technickou podporou pro osobní, hybridní a remote schůze

Zadavatel: Evropský výbor regionů a Evropský hospodářský a sociální výbor, Brussels

Budget €1.326.000

Stručný popis: Předmětem tendru je meziinstitucionální vícestranná rámcová smlouva na služby týkající se pronájmu hlasovacího systému s technickou pomocí pro osobní, hybridní a dálkové jednání spolu s technickou pomocí.

Bude použita:

• v případě plenárních zasedání veřejných zadavatelů je celkem patnáct plenárních zasedání (devět EHSV, šest VR) rovnoměrně rozptýleno v průběhu jednoho roku, s výjimkou měsíce srpna, v němž se žádné zasedání nekoná,

• v případě dalších statutárních setkání veřejných zadavatelů vyžadujících hlasovací zařízení, jako jsou zasedání Komise VR,

• v případě dalších výjimečných akcí během celého období trvání rámcové smlouvy.

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky: 13/6

CLC+ Core pro Evropskou agenturu pro životní prostředí z Kodaně

Tendr: Tvorba instancí CLC+ Core pro EEA

Zadavatel: Evropská agentura pro životní prostředí (EEA), EEA.EDO.DIS3 – Geospatial Information Services, Copenhagen

Rámcová smlouva na 4 roky / budget €2.250.000

Stručný popis: Předmětem výzvy je uzavření rámcové smlouvy na služby s hospodářským subjektem o poskytování poradenských služeb v souvislosti s vytvořením řady „instancí“ za použití CLC+ Core. Tyto akce jsou na míru uzpůsobené politické podpoře specifické řady datových souborů odvozených kombinací informací z datových souborů, které byly využity do databáze CLC+ Core na úrovni 100 m souřadnicové sítě. Tyto datové soubory budou řešit konkrétní potřeby na podporu určitých oblastí politiky, jako je podávání zpráv LULUCF, monitorování SZP, městská agenda EU, zmírňování změny klimatu, energetická unie a strategie v oblasti biologické rozmanitosti.

Deadline pro podání nabídky 10/6