Communication support in military style… if you like it

Call for: Provision of ‘Media and Communication Support’

Contracting Authority: European Defence Agency (EDA), Brussels

Framework Contract for 4 years / budget €2.500.000

Short description: The aim is to provide support in a wide range of media and communication disciplines, ranging from video and multimedia support, social media, publications and promotional materials, to event support.

Deadline 4/7

1.2. TASKS/SCOPE OF THE FRAMEWORK CONTRACT The contractor will provide support in a wide range of media and communication disciplines, ranging from video & multimedia support, social media, publications and promotional materials, to event support. The tasks listed hereunder are not exhaustive in nature and may be complemented by relevant services needed to complete the assignments entrusted to the contractor. The communication activities will be based on EDA’s work agenda. The Agency foresees regular communication opportunities via both on and off-line channels, as well as regular communication campaigns and ad hoc activities in Brussels and across the European Union. The main user of the Framework Contract will be EDA’s MCU (Media and Communication Unit). However, operational EDA Directorates may interface with the contractor for communication support, in close cooperation with the MCU. It must be noted that MCU continuously pays attention to – and is keen on – receiving expertise and guidance from contractors to solve certain issues or adapt to new technologies and trends.

1.2.1 Video & Multimedia Support The Agency regularly promotes its work, results and projects via dynamic video clips and multimedia animations for different audiences and channels. Existing examples are available on EDA’s YouTube channel, ( Services required • Provide proactive consultancy on new trends in video production, with targeted recommendations for EDA. • Develop concepts, ideas, scripts and storylines for audio-visual productions to imaginatively and effectively describe the work of EDA, of individual programmes and flagship events. • Produce video interviews, animated clips, animated banners, animated presentations, teasers, screencasts, including among others: o Multilingual and/or captioned versions; o Provision of live footage and raw material upon request; o Copyright clearance. • Video, audio and photo coverage of flagship events, e.g. EDA annual conference, in Brussels or elsewhere, possibly including web-streaming, with production of final promotional clips. • Produce animated graphics on specific projects. • Produce video infographics using data visualisation techniques (targeted for social media advertising).

1.2.2 Social media MCU manages the Agency’s online presence and as part of this activity uses different social media platforms to further raise awareness on its work. The primary platforms used are Twitter and LinkedIn, secondary channels are Instagram, YouTube and Flickr. MCU will occasionally require the contractor to provide specific support of EDA social media activities. Services required • Produce and edit content (posts, videos, infographics, animations, GIFs, etc.) for use on EDA social media platforms. • Act as the main buyer for EDA social media paid campaigns (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram). In coordination with MCU, help create target audiences for paid promotion and advice on where financial resources are best deployed based on the objectives for the campaign. • Develop and support social media campaigns for events, achievements, anniversaries, etc., across all EDA social media platforms. • Provide in-depth social media statistics as well as regular evaluation of EDA’s social media activities, in comparison with current trends and good practices. • Review EDA social media policy if needed and proactively advise EDA MCU on new developments on different social media platforms, including through tailor-made trainings.• Support further growth of social media channels with advice on verification, paid promotion, use of content.

1.2.3 Publications EDA regularly produces a variety of publications, to be distributed to EDA’s target audiences. The contractor will be responsible for the design, production and delivery of various types of publications, which can include leaflets, annual reports, project-specific brochures, factsheets, and our in-house magazine. EDA expects to receive creative and innovative proposals for the design and production of publications which thematically fit the Agency’s scope of work and are in line with its graphic charter. The contractor should be able to propose and produce publications to the quality standards of the Agency, in terms of design and aesthetics, materials, originality and practicality among others. Services required • Review & update of the current graphic charter adding new guidelines for a number of formats or sections. • Graphic design and layout of materials including invitations, annual reports, brochures, magazines, leaflets, exhibition stands, internet banners, conference programmes, posters, flyers, roll-up banners. • Create illustrations, infographics. • Find, purchase and adapt royalty-free images as requested. • Print the above-listed publications/material. All print material shall meet high quality standards, including, among others, environmental and sustainability criteria, colour and font matching, and clear and legible proofs. The tenderer shall possess the ability to digitally edit files for maximum quality and resolution, as well as simulation software to submit proofs for the Agency’s approval before proceeding to printing. The tenderer may also be requested to submit samples of the printable material (paper in different qualities and colours, textile etc.) before production, in order for the Agency to choose the most suitable. • Make recommendations for and support EDA publications online (i.e. webzines, digital reports). • Mail and dispatching (printing of labels, dispatching publicity material and invitations). • Information gathering, content editing/copywriting, translation. • Database management for postal distribution.

1.2.4 Promotional materials EDA expects to receive creative and innovative proposals for the production and delivery of promotional goods, which thematically fit the Agency’s scope of work: security and defence in Europe. The contractor should be able to propose and produce materials to the quality standards of the Agency in terms of design and aesthetics, materials, originality, practicality, sustainability and environmental standards, among others. Promotional material should ideally be produced in the European Union. The contractor must fully respect EDA’s graphic charter. Services required • Proposing and producing branded material and promotional items for distribution to internal and external target groups.

1.2.5 Event support The Agency requires support for on average ten (10) physical, hybrid or virtual events, conferences, seminars, workshops and participation in exhibitions or trade fairs throughout the year, in Brussels and across the European Union. The largest yearly event is the Agency’s annual conference, which is usually held in quarter 4 of each year. The contractor may be requested to deliver only a part of the event organisation, e.g. catering, location scouting, etc. or in rare cases the organisation of an event as a whole. Services required • Event concept and planning in cooperation with EDA for physical, hybrid or virtual events. • Identifying and renting suitable event venues. • Provision and overall management event services, including but not limited to: o Dedicated on-site support staff with proven experience (hostesses, cloakroom attendants, waiters, etc.); o Audiovisual support for virtual or hybrid meetings; o Online registration support (management & process automation); o Catering services (coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, receptions) outside EDA premises including provision of equipment and personnel; o Renting of furniture (chairs, stage, speaker chairs, lecterns) and audio-visual equipment (e.g. sound, recording, beamers, lighting, music, IT equipment, etc.); o Travel and accommodation arrangements for guests, speakers, moderators, participants where necessary, including shuttle services for guests, participants and speakers; o Translation and interpretation services. Special attention should be given to usually heightened security aspects of EDA’s events which require the contractor to closely work together or follow security instructions by the EDA security team. The tenderer should prove its ability to organise and run an event in any of EDA’s Member States.

1.2.6 Strategic communication outreach to Member States MCU aims at increasing its communication outreach to EDA’s Member States in order to raise their awareness and knowledge about the Agency’s activities and EU defence cooperation in general. EDA requires the contractor to provide services that are ostensibly covered by interinstitutional contract 21.TT-MCU.IP.600 (COMM/2020/OP/0030) but are, in reality, unsuitable for the Agency. The contractor will provide support to further build and set up reliable and strategic partnership relations with Member States’ Ministries of Defence, as well as other national defence-related organisations and communities. Services required – Strategic advice on outreach activities, including the organisation of communication activities with media teams in the Member States. – Mapping of potential outreach partners in the EDA Member States including defence experts, think tankers, non-traditional media and other multipliers. – Building relationships through regular sharing of content and provision of supporting social media services in order to boost visibility and engagement; – Devising, setting-up, organising and providing follow-up for media visits, seminars and other similar actions, including content creation and accompanying communication support.

Integrované komunikační kampaně pro Úřad pro bezpečnost potravin EU

Tendr: Podpora komunikačních činností EFSA

Zadavatel: Evropský úřad pro bezpečnost potravin (EFSA), Parma

Předpokládaná celková hodnota bez DPH: €20.550.000

Zakázka má dvě samostatné / na sobě nezávislé části:

Lot1: vypracování integrovaných komunikačních kampaní a vývoj služeb souvisejících s multimediální a online komunikací jako samostatných produktů

Popis: Tato položka bude mít dvojí funkci, která bude pokrývat tyto dvě služby:

— část 1 – integrované komunikační kampaně: plánování, rozvoj, realizace, šíření informací a hodnocení integrovaných komunikačních kampaní. Pro účely této výzvy k podání nabídek je komunikační kampaň definována jako plánovaná posloupnost vzájemně souvisejících komunikačních činností, které sdílejí společný příběh a zaměřují se na stejné publikum a mají konkrétní časový rozvrh a vyhrazený rozpočet;

— část 2 – samostatné multimediální a online produkty (např. video, animace atd.) na konkrétní témata v rámci kompetence EFSA, nezávisle na kampaních, v rámci obchodní/obvyklé práce EFSA.

Budget €20.000.000

Lot2: zajištění stručných jazykových souhrnů (PLS) vědeckých výstupů EFSA, které jsou přístupné pro informovanou netechnickou veřejnost.

Popis: EFSA každoročně zveřejňuje přibližně 450 vědeckých hodnocení v Úředním věstníku EFSA. V posledních letech zveřejnil EFSA PLS řady svých klíčových hodnocení a nyní hodlá rozšířit program tak, aby pokrýval širší škálu jeho vědeckých výstupů. Vzhledem ke své ústřední úloze při ochraně veřejného zdraví je úřad EFSA povinen včas sdělit své zjištění: to znamená, že čas, který je k dispozici pro vytvoření PLS, je omezený. Vědecké výsledky EFSA jsou navíc vysoce technické a znění lze uplatnit tak, aby odráželo složitost příslušného hodnocení rizik. Vzhledem k těmto faktorům hledá EFSA podporu odborné komunikační agentury, která bude pracovat s oddělením pro komunikaci a partnerství EFSA (ENGEGE) a jeho vědeckými pracovníky za účelem vytvoření udržitelného programu PLS.

Budget €550.000

Deadline 19/7

ICT support (conception, development, implementation) for EU body in BXL

Tendr: Rozvoj, poradenství a podpora v oblasti informačních systémů pro Jednotný výbor pro řešení krizí – poskytování služeb v režimu čas a prostředky

Zadavatel: Jednotný výbor pro řešení krizí (SRB), Brussels

Rámcová smlouva na 4 roky / celkový budget €24.900.000

Zakázka je rozdělena na dvě samostatné / na sobě nezávislé části:

Lot1: Poradenské služby týkající se koncepčního, vývojového a implementačního informačního systému. Budget €19.900.000

Lot2: Správa a podpora informačních systémů a konfigurací IKT. Budget €5.000.000

Deadline pro nabídky: 5/7

Background and objectives: The objective of this Call for Tenders is to establish new framework contracts in cascade that would replace the existing Framework contracts SRB/OP/3/2018 under both Lot 1 and Lot 2 under which the SRB currently covers its needs in the field of IT services.

The Single Resolution Board launched in 2018 an open Call for Tenders aiming at the conclusion of new framework contracts for the provision of development, operations, consultancy and support services in the field of information systems, in time and means (and proximity time and means) mode.

The Call for Tenders in 2018 resulted in the establishment of Framework Contract and support for the Single Resolution Board (SRB) Information systems (IS) – Time and Means service provision.

Description of the current FWC: The services covered by the abovementioned FWC are the following: adaptation and/or integration of existing systems and products with activities such as project management, pre-analysis, feasibility studies, proof of concept, analysis, design, programming, testing, installation, customisation, documentation, training, end-user assistance and information systems consultancy services.

SRB/OP/3/2018 is divided into two distinct lots:

 Lot 1: Consultancy services related to the conception, development and implementation of information systems (IS) at the SRB premises.

 Lot 2: Administration, operations and support of information systems and ICT configurations for the SRB premises.

The two lots were awarded in the form of a cascade, with five contractors for Lot 1 and three  contractors for Lot 2.

Chcete navrhovat instalace interaktivních výstav europarlamentu po celé Unii? Teď máte šanci

Tendr: Scénografie a plánování služeb pro Europa Experience a další EU zařízení

Zadavatel: Evropský parlament, Generální ředitelství pro komunikaci (COMM), Directorate for Visitors, Europa Experience Unit, Brussels

Předpokládaná celková hodnota bez DPH: €10.200.000 / doba trvání 60 měsíců

Stručný popis: Cílem výzvy bude vybrat plánovače všeobecných služeb pro návrh, specifikaci a koordinaci instalace interaktivních výstav jménem Evropského parlamentu. Což  bude zejména zahrnovat podporu provozních služeb při plnění následujících cílů:

1. zřízení prostor/projektů Europa Experience (EU-XP) ve všech členských státech EU spolu s klíčovými prvky franšízy Europa Experience v úzké spolupráci s EPLO a GŘ INLO;

2. případná podpora Evropského parlamentu při vytváření nových interaktivních prvků pro franšízu a návštěvnická zařízení Europa Experience, při posílení jejich dosahu, modernizaci nebo doplnění celkové nabídky pro návštěvníky Parlamentu.

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky: 4/7

Drupal. Drupal. Drupal. Three times Drupal for Geneve, Munich and Vienna

I. Support and Maintenance of the WHO CMS: HSPL (Drupal)

World Health Organization, Geneve

Closing Date: 30 May 2022

Work to be performer: The work to be perform is (A) maintenance and evolution of the site Health Security Learning Platform (Drupal) and (B) administration of the site and content Key requirements.

Key requirements

The work to be perform is (A) maintenance and evolution of the site Health Security Learning Platform (Drupal) and (B) administration of the site and content Key requirements

A.           Release of Drupal critical security update ASAP (< 1 week)

B.           Bimonthly release of Drupal update

C.           Support for content management  (maximum 1000 man-hours); Adding and updating training package;

D.           Support to align HSLP with WHO Cybersecurity requirements (see annex)

E.           Support and maintenance will be upon request

F.            Release of a search engine for the site. The search engine should display information according to user permissions

G.           Design and development of a new section to give access to dashboards (using data from various sources) and forms to specific target audience who could make decision on workforce development at national level. More details will be provided in Q3 – 2022.

H.           Revamp of the “Health Security Learning Platform” to provide a modern and adaptative user interface to ease the accessibility on personal computers (desktops, laptops), tablets and Smartphones. The CMS should provide the site homepage, the training packages, the national dashboard, the online course catalogue (currently on Moodle), and the user profile (currently split on the 2 components: Drupal and Moodle); (up to 3 mock-ups may be requested for each section).

I.             Additional support (maximum 1000 man-hours) to perform work on demand such as:

•             Identify solution for any incident encountered on the site,

•             Integrate new feature upon request (ex: forum)

•             Ensure interopability between the different HSLP components (Moodle and Drupal)

•             Customize the layout of pages

•             Provide ontime recommendations (Drupal, web practice, legal consideration related to the web platform)

Note: The support hours could be used to support other in-house Drupal application

J.            Monthly status reports including consuming hours

K.           Strong project management is required for the implementation of the above deliverables

L.            Any new release must comply with WHO Cybersecurity Recommendations –  see Appendix 1 Cybersecurity RFP Recommendations. Please check the box next to each recommendation to indicate your compliance. Please, provide reasonable evidence in support to your statement of compliance (i.e. certificates, product documentation, audit reports)

Place of performance: Remotely

The contract that will follow the Long Term Agreement is expect to start in June 2022 and end in December 2023.

Previous experience

Mandatory: Proven experience in the field of support, customization and integration of Drupal-based components.

Desirable: Previous work with WHO, other international organizations and/or major institutions in the field of  content management system .

Staffing: The selected contractor is expected to dedicate the following human resources to the project:

•             A project manager of an adequate level of qualification and experience (please attach resume to your proposal) shall be dedicated to the project.

•             The designated project manager that should be the same all along implementation, including consideration in contingency plans in case the focal point is absent.

•             Sufficient capacity and knowledge is required to cover the following areas of expertise:

o            Adequate technical knowledge to Drupal 9

o            Adequate technical knowledge to PHP

o            Adequate technical knowledge to MYSQL

o            Adequate technical knowledge to APACHE web hosting

•             WHO pays utmost attention to the level of qualification and experience of the individuals involved, and to continuity in the services. The profiles (no individual names required) of the personnel proposed for these services should be included in the technical proposal.

•             All staff with full professional working proficiency/native or bilingual proficiency in English.

II. Provision of Drupal Web Content Management Services for the IAEA

International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna

Closing Date: 17 May 2022


a) This Statement of Work (SOW) describes the requirements for the provision of a platform for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA or the Agency) to develop, test, publish, maintain, operate and administer its public website, using Drupal open-source content management system (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”).

b) Drupal 7 platform has been the IAEA’s standard Web Content Management System since 2014 and currently accommodates over 67,000 Pages (Nodes) in six (6) official languages, and more than 96,000 images and documents.

c) Drupal 9 platform is currently experimental and is used alongside Drupal 7 as an image bank; the Drupal 7 site will gradually be migrated to Drupal 9. When the migration process is completed, the Drupal 7 platform will be completely decommissioned. Drupal 7 and Drupal 9 platforms will hereinafter collectively be referred to as the “Platforms”.

d) The content management user-base is comprised of approximately 100 staff members. Most of them are content providers and only a few (mostly developers) have higher (including administrative) application rights. The backend system administration is centralized.

e) In the interest of the Agency and as a vital component of its daily operations, the IAEA intends to keep Drupal as a service in the cloud, maintaining cost-effectiveness and ease of operation and maintenance.

f) This project has high visibility within the IAEA and for its Member States and is intended to deliver a high-class publishing platform and communication channel towards stakeholders and a general audience.

Contractor’s Experience and Personnel

a) The Contractor shall have at least five (5) years Specific Experience in the provision of Drupal Web Content Management Services, specifically Drupal 7 and 9 Platforms.

b) The Contractor shall dedicate a qualified and experienced team to carry out services and be responsible for all of the IAEA’s operational and technical requirements. Names and roles of the assigned key personnel shall be provided to the IAEA. No changes shall be made in the key personnel. If, for any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Contractor, it becomes necessary to replace any of the key personnel, the Contractor shall provide as a replacement a person of equivalent or better qualifications.

c) The contractor shall assign at minimum the following key personnel:

(i) System Administrator with at least five (5) years of proven relevant experience in system administration and management identified in this Statement of Work.

(ii) Senior IT Technician as part of the team.

d) The Contractor may include other relevant skills to the team of assigned personnel, including:

(iii) Drupal Back-End Developer with at least five (5) years of proven relevant experience. The Expert should help with troubleshooting Drupal related issues and bugs in the provided environment, and be able to provide proposals for specific requirements, e.g., coming up with optimal settings for Drupal caching, SolR server etc.

Drupal support services for the EIT Health Connections Platform

European Institute of Innovation and Technology (an agency of the European Commission), Munich

Closing Date: 30 May 2022

Key objectives:

– A cohesive and recognisable visual identify for the Connections platform

– A defined platform value proposition with clear use cases for the Partner community

– An improved user experience and user journey

– Greater customisation and personalisation opportunities (at admin and user level)

– Advanced platform capabilities including improved communication tools and analytics

– Integration and greater interoperability with EIT Health Platforms and data systems.

Background. Connections is an online platform which aims to facilitate innovation and collaboration across the EIT Health ecosystem. It is an interactive area for EIT Health partners to access vital parts of their membership, enabling them to: discuss future projects, exchange learnings and insights, and be a part of the vibrant EIT Health network. It is also a space to find vital partnership and Business Plan process information (legal, administrative, financial) and other useful guidance content. Additionally, Connections provides regular updates and information regarding activities, news, and events that are deemed of interest to the Partner community.

EIT Health Partners The partners of EIT Health comprise approximately 150 leading organisations from business, education, research, and health service delivery. Representatives of these partner organisation constitute over 80% of the users of the Connections platform. These representatives are external to the EIT Health organisation, and so are not regulated by standard EIT Health systems, and IT processes.

In 2020, following a review of our key operational platforms and business processes, EIT Health embarked on the development of Connections 2.0, a relaunch and redesign of the previous community platform. The objective was to design and launch a platform which is easy to use, offers partners a straightforward way to access information, effectively promotes connections, interactions & collaborations between our network of partner organisations, and fosters a sense of community.

The solution, launched in Q4 2021, is a bespoke Acquia based Community Platform that meets the essential needs of our community, and which provides a strong foundation on which to build.

This Platform is hosted and maintained via an ongoing contract with Acquia, who ensure that the platform remains fully operational 24/7, 365 days a year. The platform is hosted via Acquia Cloud Plus and Acquia Site Studio. The contract with Acquia will continue to run in parallel to this new contact with the selected Economic Operator.

As of 2022, the core features of this platform include:

– A member database with the capability to search & view employee, partner, and other community members’ profiles,

– Events and News pages to list and share upcoming activities

– A Marketplace to share project ideas & proposals, make offers, and highlight needs

– A public discussion forum

– Working groups (public and closed)

– Dedicated sections with access to information on calls for Business plan Proposals, branding toolkits & guidance documents

– A community live feed

EIT Health would like to continue to strengthen this platform through the further development of features and content which encourage platform usage, facilitate matchmaking and networking opportunities, and increase the uptake of the platform through an improved user experience. These features and content streams should add value to partners and help them get the most out of their membership. Therefore, to support the ongoing maintenance and development of the Connections platform, EIT Health seeks to award a framework contract for the delivery of services. The exact specification of the services will be set out in detailed Statements of Work (SOWto be issued by EIT Health on the basis of the framework contract.

The total value of services expected to be procured over the two-year period of the contract will not exceed EUR 160.000. Invoices are to be submitted by the economic operator following the completion of each Statement of Work.

Komunikace a řízení akcí pro EU agenturu z Tallinnu

Tendr: Integrované komunikační služby, řízení akcí a služebních cest

Zadavatel: Evropská agentura pro provozní řízení rozsáhlých informačních systémů v prostoru svobody, bezpečnosti a práva (eu-LISA), Tallinn¨

Rámcová smlouva na 4 roky / celkový budget €17.900.000

Zakázka má tři (na sobě nezávislé/samostatné) části:

— v rámci položky č. 1 (integrované komunikační služby) širokou škálu služeb v oblasti integrované komunikace pro zainteresované externí a interní strany eu-LISA; budget €900.000

— v rámci položky č. 2 (služby řízení akcí) širokou škálu činností v oblasti řízení a organizování akcí s dodatečnou kapacitou na straně budoucího zhotovitele, který bude schopen zvládnout řízení služebních cest pro externí účastníky pozvané na různé akce eu-LISA; €15.000.000

— v rámci položky č. 3 (řízení služebních cest) širokou škálu služeb v oblasti cestování, cestovních záležitostí – zejména letenek, jízdenek pro evropskou dopravu, pronájmů automobilů, přepravy taxi a rezervací hotelů pro zaměstnance eu-LISA z kanceláří v Tallinnu, Štrasburku, Bruselu a ostatních možných lokalit. €2.000.000

Deadline pro odeslání nabídek: 7/6

Tři evropské finanční agentury vypsali tendr na vývoj, údržbu a podporu svých aplikací

Tendr: Vývoj, údržba a podpora aplikací

Zadavatelé: Tři EU finanční agentury (Evropský orgán pro cenné papíry a trhy (ESMA), Paris + Evropský orgán pro pojišťovnictví a zaměstnanecké penzijní pojištění (EIOPA), Frankfurt am Main + Evropský orgán pro bankovnictví (EBA), Paris)

Rámcová smlouva na 2+2+2+1 roky / budget €43.000.000

Description of the services and scope of the contract: This tenderer is requested to maintain and support the existing applications and to build new application or enhancements to existing applications. Moreover, the tenderer is requested to undertake the deployments of all software changes related to applications in all contracting authorities’ environments.

The requested application services can be categorised as follows:

• Application development services

• Application maintenance and support services

• Application deployment services

• Application warranty services

• Ad-hoc services

• Transition and exit services

Deadline pro nabídku: 7/6

Kybernetická agentura EU hledá poradce pro své IT systémy

Služby řízení IT infrastruktury a poradenské služby
Agentura Evropské unie pro kybernetickou bezpečnost (ENISA), Atény – Řecko

Kontrakt na 4 roky / budget €1.700.000

Deadline 29/4

Stručný popis: Účelem této výzvy k podání nabídek je poskytnout služby řízení IT infrastruktury a poradenské služby v oblasti IT systémů, v jejichž případě je agentura ENISA vlastníkem. Tyto IT systémy a nástroje přispívají ke všem strategickým cílům agentury ENISA, zejména k účinné spolupráci mezi operačními činiteli v rámci Unie v případě rozsáhlých kybernetických incidentů; výměně informací a dalším účelům, které přispívají k plnění jejího mandátu a jsou stejně přijatelné. Prostřednictvím této výzvy k podání nabídek má agentura ENISA v úmyslu uzavřít samostatnou rámcovou smlouvu s kvalifikovaným hospodářským subjektem, který je schopen poskytovat služby řízení IT infrastruktury a poradenské služby, jak je stanoveno v dokumentu technických specifikací.

The physical IT infrastructure under the scope is located at ENISA premises and branches, i.e. in Athens GR, Heraklion Crete GR and Brussels BE. There are, also, IT systems/tools that are outsourced and for which consultancy services may be asked under this FWC. Despite the hosting location of the systems/tools that ENISA owns, ENISA should assure the expected or required level of operations and security.
Therefore, infrastructure management and consultancy services are expected to be provided to ENISA assets that are either hosted on premises/branches or are hosted in the cloud. These services should be provided for systems, networks and servers.
Indicatively, ENISA IT assets make use of the following:
– Dell VxRail HCI
– Backup devices, e.g. Dell EMC IDPA
– Firewalls, e.g. Fortinet
– Load balancers, e.g. Nginx, Fortinet
– Switches, e.g. Cisco, Dell
– UPS, e.g. APC
– VMware eg. vCenter, ESXi, SRM, vROps
– Docker
– Linux based systems, e.g. Centos, Ubuntu, RHEL, Debian
– Windows based systems, e.g. ADFS, SharePoint, Active Directory, System Center, Power BI
– Email servers
– Content Management Systems, e.g. Plone, Discourse
– Atlassian platforms, e.g. Jira, Confluence
– Databases, e.g. Oracle MySQL InnoDB, SQL server, postgres, MariaDB
– Instant Messaging platforms, e.g. Mattermost

Interaktivní a dřevěná. Brusel potřebuje vyrobit “chytrou” zeď pro své návštěvnické centrum. Cena €300 tisíc

Tendr: Pořízení dřevěné interaktivní chytré zdi v rámci nové komunikační koncepce návštěvnického centra Evropské komise

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, Generální ředitelství pro komunikaci (COMM), COMM.B.4 – Experience Europe, Brussels

Stručný popis: Pořízení dřevěné interaktivní chytré zdi v rámci nové komunikační koncepce návštěvnického centra Evropské komise, včetně návrhu koncepce, obsahu, instalace a údržby této zdi.

Smlouva na max 48 měsíců / budget €300.000

Deadline pro odevzdání nabídky: 20/4

Popis: The overall objective of the contract is the design, the creation and installation of an interactive wooden wall, including the tailored design of the wall, the definition of the necessary IT material, as well the purchase and installation of the necessary IT/Audiovisual equipment, for the European Commission Visitors’ Centre. The wooden wall should be made touch-sensitive using the latest sensor technology.

The tenderer must also define and create the content of the wall and the way it will be displayed on the wall, by the tenderer. The testing of the user-friendliness, the training of staff including the provision of a training manual, as well as the maintenance of the smart wall, are also part of the contract.

Background and objectives: The Visitors’ Centre of the European Commission1, located in the Charlemagne building, in Brussels, aims to give visiting groups an insight into the work and functioning of the European Commission and to explain its policies, priorities and the value added of the EU through information visits tailored to their interests. Visits for groups consisting of a minimum of 15 people aged 15 years and above currently range from 90-minute general information presentations to tailored information visits for high-level groups and key multipliers lasting up to one and a half days.

Works to modernise the Visitor’s Centre premises are ongoing, and expected to conclude in spring 2022. The renovation works are managed and executed internally by the Office for Infrastructure and Logistics of the European Commission (OIB). The architectural concept follows the principles of the New European Bauhaus and the proposed materials, as well as the look, are sustainable and respectful of the environment at all stages of its lifecycle.

The communication concept of the Visitors’ Centre will be in line with the architecture.

This includes the replacement of the current communication tools in the exhibition area of the centre with modern and interactive communication stations.

The main feature of the main hall in the Centre was the “Timeline”. It is a curved, fabric, back-lit wall, which illustrates the history of the European integration process through its various Presidents. Being made of fabric, this static installation has to be re-printed to be updated. Hence, it is not possible to integrate the latest communication campaigns into this tool on a regular basis. The content of the Timeline focuses on the history of the European integration and highlights the achievements of each Commission mandate led by its President, also making a reference to parallel milestones of European and global politics, economy and history.

Final installation of the Visitors Centre’s Timeline

Timeline -1880 cm (length) x 225 cm (height). Height from the floor to ceiling = 239 cm

As part of the new communication concept, the “timeline” (pictured above) should be replaced with an interactive smart wall to be purchased under this contract.

The interactive wall and its content must underline and enhance the new communication concept of the Visitors’ Centre as a dynamic space, giving a forward-looking overview of the Commission’s political priorities. It must be easy for the contracting authority to update the wall with the latest communication campaigns.

The wall should serve to increase engagement with visiting groups. The wall has to be smart, digital and be able to provide an interactive experience for visiting groups. Visitors should be able to modify its content with movement, gestures, touch or with their mobile devices. The wall should allow the Commission to present informative content in an interactive and immersive way. When the visitor touches the surface, it should activate and form the content into separate screens. The wall could be divided into four surfaces (or segments) side-by-side, forming a uniform image. This would enable browsing through four different contents at the same time – in 4 different languages (English, French, German and Dutch), according to the visitors’ requirements.

The wall will be the main communication station of the renovated Visitors’ Centre and it should have a ‘wow’ effect.

Detailed characteristics of the purchase: The measurements of the wall should be approximately 1880 cm (length) x 225 cm (height). Height from the floor to ceiling = 239 cm.3

The surface of the wall must consist of wood and the chosen material should be in line with the architectural concept of the Visitors’ Centre as described in annex 7, even when in stand-by mode. As mentioned above, the proposed materials, as well as the look, must be sustainable and respectful of the environment, in line with the European Green Deal and the new European Bauhaus.

Brusel zaplatí vývoj mobilní aplikace pro prevenci rakoviny

Zakázka na služby návrhu, vývoje, pilotního provedení a dodání „mobilní aplikace EU pro prevenci rakoviny“
Zadavatel: Evropská výkonná agentura pro zdraví a digitální oblast (HaDEA), Brussels
Kontrakt na 24 měsíců / budget €3.500.000
Stručný popis: Do rozsahu této výzvy k podávání nabídek spadá návrh, vývoj, pilotní provedení a dodání softwaru nazvaného „mobilní aplikace EU pro prevenci rakoviny“. Pracovní produkt nabídne jednotlivcům interaktivní IT nástroj, který bude využívat konkrétní informace o tom, jak snížit rizika rakoviny, v souladu s nejaktuálnějšími přístupy a informacemi založenými na důkazech. Nabídkové řízení je součástí stěžejních činností a opatření, které budou provádět evropský plán na rakovinu.
Deadline pro podání nabídky: 29/4

Tendr: Poskytování spojení ve formě video vysílání mezi Lucemburkem a Bruselem
Zadavatel: Council of the European Union, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Uniion, Brussels
Kontrakt na 4 roky / budget nespecifikován
Popis zakázky: Spojení prostřednictvím video vysílání propojí konferenční zařízení v Bruselu a Lucemburku (Kirchberg) a umožní přenášet video a audio příspěvky mezi oběma místy během jednání Rady, která se konají v Lucemburku v dubnu, červnu a říjnu každého roku.
Deadline pro nabídku: 19/4