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EU Chemical Agency plans a large purchase of IT services

Dynamic Purchasing System for the provision of IT services to ECHA

Buyer: European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki

Through this dynamic procurement system (DPS), ECHA plans to acquire services related to the planning, consultation, management, operations, development and maintenance of various digital services and information systems. Services include: • Project management and integrator • Consulting and advisory • Application and software development and maintenance (analysis, design, implementation, integration, migration) • Quality assurance and testing • Platform, technology, and infrastructure management and operations • Services related to Public Cloud • Service design, management, and governance • Security Operations Centre (SOC) and other Cyber security services • Artificial Intelligence

The exact scope and requirements of each Contract will be determined at the level of the procurement documents of the respective mini-competitions.

Budget: €14.000.000

A DPS consists of two phases, one to select a dynamic list of suppliers, based on relevant suitability/selection criteria, and a second that happens through mini-competitions amongst those suppliers for the actual contracts, when the Agency can still introduce specific technical requirements.

Criteria for selection

1. Economic and financial eligibility

Average yearly turnover of the last two (2) financial years above EUR 1.000.000.

2. Technical and professional competence

The Applicant must prove capacity to deliver services similar and relevant in scope and complexity of this DPS. The Applicant must prove its experience with relevant services in the context of this DPS by providing five (5) references covering any of the services of this DPS. All references shall have an invoiceable value of at least 100 000 €.

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