Agentura EPO z Mnichova se chce zbavit starých počítačů a dalších e-odpadu

Call: Provision of services of disposal of e-waste and related services with a reduced carbon footprint

Zadavatel: Evropský patentový úřad (EPO), Mnichov

Doba trvání: 36 měsíců

Short description: Provision of a comprehensive, flexible and sustainable ICT and electronic disposal service. By using an effective single point of service for multiple brands and types of ICT and electronic assets, the EPO expects to reduce and recycle more e-waste, to get carbon credits for the EMAS certification and to meet its financial, geographical, security, risk, ethic and environmental requirements.

Hodnocení: kvalita 90% x cena 10%

Deadline: 11/1/2022

Graphic & Motion Design for Munich-based EPO agency

Call: Graphic Design and Motion Design services

Contracting Authority: European Patent Office, Munich, Germany

Deadline: 3/11

Framework contract for a 3+2 years

Lot 1: Graphic Design

The following work areas are included:

• Interactive reports / studies / image brochures: Design and layout of reports, studies and image brochures with interactive functions according to the EPO corporate design guidelines

• Communication materials: concept and design of a broad variety of communication materials

• Infographics: concept and design of infographics and illustrations

• Campaigns: concept and design of creative internal campaigns or social media campaigns, key visuals and web visuals

• Event materials: Concept and design of event material

• Training and education materials: online and print brochures and materials for training and education

Lot 2: Motion Design and Animation

This lot focuses exclusively on animation and motion design for different purposes like campaigns, events, announcements

• Motion design / animations for infoscreens

• Animated key visuals

• Animated infographics for web and social media

• Motion graphic design / Text animations / Kinetic Typography for videos

• Development of content conceptions and implementation of own ideas

• Ability to build storyboards

– excellent sense of timing, motion and easing – animated typograph

Web-site testing pro agenturu EPO z Mnichova

Tendr: Web agency services and web site testing

Zadavatel: The European Patent Organisation, HQ v Mnichově, sites in The Hague, Berlin, Vienna and Brussels


Bidders should be able to provide the following services for intranet, internet and extranet sites (unless otherwise stated):

1. Project management (in the scope of the co-operation between the EPO and the successful bidder).

2. User requirements analysis and specification including: 

a. identifying target groups,  b. liaising with EPO application managers, service owners, internal business analysts, technical product owners etc. c. eliciting requirements directly from target group representatives, including using existing documentation, dedicated surveys, focus groups and one-onone interviews,  d. creating personas,  e. analysing user tasks,  f. developing use cases and scenarios,  g. involving real users at relevant stages of the process (UCD),  h. prioritising,  i. preparing concepts for new functionalities. j. drafting user requirement documents, k. drafting specifications for IT implementation of user requirements

3. Benchmarking and trend analysis and providing recommendations based on analysis.

4. Planning and moderating workshops for:

a. collecting user requirements,  b. gathering feedback to concepts and designs,  c. final approvals of deliveries d. training on best online practices

5. Website and web application concept development including: 

a. information architecture (e.g. site structures, page types, access points, customer journeys etc.), b. new or improved functionalities according to user requirements and state of the art,  c. accessibility-specific issues,  d. device-specific issues (PC vs mobile devices vs other emerging devices), e. Context-specific issues (static pages vs simple & complex web applications; e-learning interfaces; etc.) f. limitations of off-the-shelf software, g. wire framing h. feasibility proofing.

6. Using the EPO design system as a resource, defining additional design principles as well as concrete GUI design for the web (desktop and mobile) and feeding them back to the design system. Some tasks will have to take into account limitations of off-theshelf software. The selected bidder will act as the lead web design agency and will be asked on a case by case basis to closely cooperate with the corporate lead design agency and the EPO Brand Manager to ensure that design recommendations are fully consistent with the overall corporate branding of the EPO. Please note the planned review explained under point

7. Creating styleguides or updating existing ones (as part of the EPO design system). 

8. HTML, CSS, JS programming according to the agreed concepts and designs, including accessibility aspects and necessary quality assurance before handover to EPO. Please note that HTML, CSS, JS programming will only be requested in very urgent cases. In other cases it is foreseen that the EPO will commission software development from a different, dedicated service provider. If HTML, CSS, JS is requested from the web agency, it will be obliged to liaise and co-ordinate with the other service provider to fit the development into an existing framework. Resources for this co-ordination must be foreseen in the agency estimations in such cases. 

9. Documentation (concept, design, frontend, technical specification).

10. Functional and design testing (based on agreed test scenarios) and necessary quality assurance 

11. Search engine optimisation & other search engine issues

12. Hosting, maintenance & support for the blog of the President (currently on WordPress) as well as the website for the European Inventor Award Popular Prize voting

13. Editorial support and/or consultancy 14. Consultancy to improve the EPO’s web governance including drafting or support in drafting policies, guidelines, processes, workflows etc


Usability testing or other forms of user research (interview, focus group, etc) may be requested to support evidence-based development of the EPO web presence. The following services may be requested: 

a. definition of issues to test, 

b. drafting scenarios, 

c. preparing fit-for-purpose prototypes (including clickable prototypes) in cooperation with the web agency

d. carrying out the tests 

e. documenting outcome of the tests

f. providing improvement recommendations

Vývoj a údržba softwaru pro Evropský patentový úřad

Tender: Software Development and Maintenance and Technical Support

Zadavatel: European Patent Organisation, Rijswijk-NL

Deadline: 20. ledna 2020

Service Categories:

1: Software Development.

2: Adaptive/Perfective Maintenance.

3: Corrective Maintenance.

4: Preventive Maintenance.

5: Deployed Resources in 3rd Party Locations (e.g. EPO external stakeholders) where scope of work is same as the activities defined for Service Categories 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.

6: Other Services required and not covered within Service Categories 1-5 (eg. Specific Take-Over/Hand-Over tasks, Knowledge Transfer/Acquisition, Training, Prototyping, Proof of Concept, Feasibility Studies, Technical Consultancy and Support Activities).


The EPO makes use of many technologies in connection with its software development and maintenance activities and the Contractor must be able to undertake and deliver work for all Service Categories in any of these technologies when required.  Most are listed below, but the Contractor shall be aware that this is subject to change. 


Languages:  JAVA and related technologies (e.g. JAVA Swing)  COBOL  C/C++  Delphi  Groovy  PHP  .Net  Python  Scala. Frameworks:  Spring  REST template   MVC  JDBC Template  Spring Boot,   Spring Security,   Spring Batch,   Spring Cloud Data Flow,  …  Hibernate  MyBatis  SQLJ  Akka XML data processing:  XSLT, STAX, SAX. Unit testing framework:  JUnit / Mockito. Application development cycle:  JIRA. Build automation tooling:  Maven. Collaboration tooling:  Slack  Confluence.  Environment (IDE and tooling):  Eclipse   IntelliJ. Test management:  HP ALM.

API Technologies:  REST,   OpenAPI (Swagger)  SOAP.   HAL.

API Management (External):  Apigee (Google Cloud).

Web Front-End

Languages:  JavaScript  TypeScript  PHP. Application frameworks:  Angular  REACT  Grails  JQuery  HTML5  Bootstrap.

CI/CD: Continuous build:  JENKINS  Continuous inspection of code quality:  SonarQube  WhiteSource Code Repositories:  SVN  GIT, BitBucket: Repository Managers:  Sonatype Nexus. 

Security:  SPNEGO, Kerberos (Single Sign On)  Layer 7  SAML (Federated Authentication)  Active Directory / ADFS   OpenID Connect  HTTPS (SSL / TLS). 

Performance testing tools:  Jmeter  Load runner.   HP ALM.

Cloud:  Amazon web services (Route 55, Elastic Load Balancers, EC2, S3, Oracle RDS ….)  Cloud Formation   Bastion hosts. 

Cloud / container orchestration system:  Kubernetes.

Mainframe technologies:  CICS  JCL  UDM Stonebranch. 

Business Intelligence platform:  SAS.

Application Servers:  Apache  JBoss  MS Exchange, Sharepoint, etc.

Databases (SQL & Non-SQL DB)  IBM DB2 (z/OS & Linux)  MS SQL Server  MongoDB  Scality RING  ORACLE / RDS  In-memory DBs (HSQL / Derby / H2).

Enterprise platforms:  SOA  Java EE  Mainframe / COBOL.

Enterprise integration platform:  Kafka  MQ Series. 

OS:  Windows 7  Windows 10  Windows Server  Linux (SLES)  z/OS. 

Operational monitoring / log management:  Splunk  ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana).

UI and Functional Testing:  IBM Rational Functional Tester  Selenium  Cucumber  Gherkin  Jasmine  Jest  Puppeteer.

Požadované složení týmu:

Team Leader (TL) / Scrum Master (SM)

Senior Software Developer (SSD)

Software Developer (SD)

Database Expert (DBE)

Technical Consultant/ Analyst/ Architect (TCAA)

Technical Writer/ Documentalist/ Librarian (TWDL)

IT Systems Test Engineer (TE)

Technical Administrative/ Project Support (TAPS)

Technical Training Expert (TTE)

User Experience/ Interface (UX/ UI)

Dodávky a instalace komponentů datových sítí pro EPO, Rijswijk

Tendr: Delivery and installation of computer data network components

Zadavatel: EPO (Evropský patentový úřad), Rijswijk NL – rozloha 180.000 m2 (3 budovy, dvě datacentra)

Kontrakt na 4 roky

Deadline 5/11

Požadavky na personál – technical support staff shall at least have the following qualifications:

 Head Technician : MBO or Kenteq level 4 (or equivalent)

 1st Technician : MBO or Kenteq level 3 (or equivalent)

 Technician : LBO+ or Kenteq level 2 (or equivalent)

 Assistant Technician : LBO or Kenteq level 1 (or equivalent)

EPO’s structured cabling system makes use of products and components covered by such a product certification program, that includes the following brands, manufacturers and vendors:

 Optical Fibers: : SYSTIMAX and /or Legrand

 Copper cabling : SYSTIMAX and /or Legrand

 Cable ducts : Warren and Brown and Legrand

The cabling installation shall comply with ISO is 14763, EN50174 and TIA/EIA 569. It shall also comply with the channel performance of the new editions of TIA/EIA 568B, IS 11801 and EN 50173 standards.

Příklad toho, co budou poptávat:

The IT department has a big server project and therefore there is a need to expand the rack capacity in the data centre. The following works are requested:

· Installation of 4 server racks in SEDP00 (standard EPO configuration, brand Rittal), called TA, TB, TC, TD;

∙ Installation of 2 PDU’s Rittal DK 7955.233;

∙ Extension of fibre trays (100 mm) from rack TA to rack X200;

∙ Extension of wire tray (500 mm) from rack TA to rack X200;

∙ 96 UTP cat 6A between rack TA and T200;

∙ 24 Fibre OM4 pairs between rack TD and rack X207;

∙ 2 UTP outlets in Room S03G71 from rack S03GT35;

Evropský patentový úřad potřebuje služby Optical Character Recognition

Tender: Poskytování služeb v oblasti zpracování optického rozpoznávání znaků (OCR)

Zadavatel: European Patent Organisation, Mnichov DE, Rijswijk NL

Short description: EPO receives daily a large amount of confidential new patent applications, forms, free text letters as well as patent and non-patent literature containing plain text, tables, chemical and mathematical formulae as well as drawings relating to the patent grant process in various formats. These documents need to be OCR-converted into XML-structured data where formulae, drawings and many tables can be captured as images. The requested services cover XML-conversion, localisation and extraction of citations and XML mark-up in line with the EPO’s capturing guidelines. On average the services relate to 2 000 000 pages per month spread over 3 Service groups. Service descriptions and volumes are subject to change. All data shall be kept and services shall be performed within the territory of one of the EPC Member States. The cervices shall be performed at contractor’s premises.

Do tendru budou vpuštěny pouze firmy, které EPO podepíší závazek mlčenlivosti.

4/10 deadline pro odeslání dohody o mlčenlivosti

9/10 rozeslání ZD

EPO (Munich): consultancy on communication services

Call: Strategic management consultancy on communication services

Contracting Authority: European Patent Organisation, Munich – Germany

Deadline for EOI: 2/8 12:00

Checklist for EOI:

1) confirm and provide evidence that you have knowledge of strategic consultancy services in the area of organisational (corporate and public authority) communication in an international context.

2) confirm and provide evidence that you have corporate communication competencies, covering relevant internal and external stakeholders.

3) confirm and provide evidence of knowledge of the Intellectual Property market, ideally at global and European levels.

4) provide a minimum of three references/ written customer testimonials from previous customers to whom the bidder has provided wider communication consultancy services across multiple locations, preferably within Europe.

Evropská patentová agentura hledá firmu, která jí zajistí provoz jejích bezpečnostních aplikací

Tendr: Maintenance of Security Applications

Zadavatel: European Patent Office (EPO), Haag

Doba realizace: start 01.11.2019 – end 01.11.2021

Deadline pro podání nabídky: 29/7

CURRENT STATE: The Physical Security Department, PD4401, of the EPO is running a number of Security Control Room (SCR) applications to provide for Physical Security Information Management, CCTV services, Video Analytics and Intercom services. Their functionality provides for a safe operation and correct functioning of security hardware in the buildings in the Den Haag site. The current applications that need maintenance services are (see Annex A for more details):  • Winguard for Physical Security Information Management • Virtuosis / Commend for Intercom services • Agent VI, Genetec Security Center and Eyevis for CCTV and video analytics. EPO has, in addition to the production environment, an integration environment. This environment is a scaled down version of the production environment with reduced functionality. The purpose of the integration environment is to minimize the risk of service interruptions when applying changes to the systems by first applying these changes in the integration environment.

Since 2018 a 3rd party supplier is providing Maintenance Services for these applications. The Agreement with this supplier expires at the end of 2019.The 3rd party supplier is certified by the manufacturers of the listed applications and has an in-depth knowledge of the applications and hardware, while understanding the requirements and demands of the EPO. The maintenance services consist of the following tasks: • Maintenance Services o Service Management o Corrective Maintenance o Preventive Maintenance o IT Services/Products o Monitoring Services • Adaptive Maintenance.

For information the following numbers are provided from current situation from the location in The Hague: • The incumbent supplier requires on average 0,2 to 0,3 FTE for providing the Maintenance Services. Current practice is that these services are mostly delivered on-site and also more efficiently delivered on-site.  • The number of monthly incidents amounts to 12 and the number of changes amounts to 3 per month. • The incumbent supplier requires on average 1 FTE for providing Adaptive Maintenance Services. • the configuration contains 50.000 data points hosted on 1.500 appliances • 4 control rooms with Winguard / CCTV workplaces • 3 buildings  • 3200 employees.  Note that the above information is solely for the purpose of Contractors’ assessment of the services and cannot be taken as an indication of Contractors’ effort involved in providing the services; it is for the Contractor to decide how the services will be delivered (as long they are in alignment with this Agreement) and if this will be done on-site, off-site or partly on-site.

DESIRED STATE: After a (fixed price) Start-up and Transition phase expected to start before November 2019, the Contractor shall take over the maintenance services from the incumbent supplier. During the Start-up and Transition period the Contractor shall achieve a transfer of knowledge from the preceding contractor, shall set-up monitoring services and shall demonstrate readiness for delivering the maintenance services in the Operational phase. The Operational phase is expected to start approximately 2 months after the Start Up and Transition phase.  Please note that these times are only indicative and depend strongly on when the contract between EPO and the chosen provider has been finalised.  It shall be noted that the Contractor will need to have a relevant software certification to be able to take care of License Management. As part of Adaptive Maintenance the EPO may order additional changes, features and solutions. Please note that these additional services will only be calculated using the requested rates for Adaptive Maintenance (see the 2985 Price Offer Form). The EPO will pay: • a fixed price for the Start-up and Transition phase,  • a monthly fixed price for the Operational phase (Maintenance Services) and  • additionally for Adaptive maintenance based on agreed time and fees. On the longer term (2020-2021), the EPO may request the Contractor to extend the geographical scope of the services to the EPO offices in Munich, Vienna and/or Berlin: see section 5 for additional information The EPO will align any extension with the Contractor and will apply a notification time of minimum 6 months.

Evropský patentový úřad potřebuje převést svůj Archibus do cloudu

Tendr: New Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Provider – Cloud based

Zadavatel: The European Patent Organisation (EPO), Munich – Germany

Deadline: 24/7

The EPO is looking for a Provider who: 

– Services and maintains the existing Archibus eco system as-is based on agreed service levels;

– Offers support and development based on agreed requirements ideally using Archibus as close to the standard as possible.

– Prepares the existing Archibus system for migration to the cloud

– Sets up a compatible cloud environment based on agreed service levels

– Migrates the existing Archibus eco system from the hosted EPO infrastructure to a Platform-as-aService infrastructure within the first twelve months (or possibly longer) of this contract from the day of signature;

– Proposes an integrated project plan for the intended move to the final PaaS infrastructure

Requested services: Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) is the IT-backbone of the EPOs’ Facilities Management; IT-tools, optimized processes and appropriate organisation enables the relevant departments to deliver required services at agreed service-levels. In 2007 ARCHIBUS was implemented to replace the existing EPO systems with new, state of the art and integrated software systems.  ARICHBUS is one of the worldwide leading CAFM IT-tools which continuously are broadened and upgraded. The use of this tool has been a big success at the EPO and is being constantly enlarged. To further operate the existing CAFM environment, the EPO is interested in Services to maintain and support the Archibus ecosystem.

 CAFM has integration with other systems, e.g. SAP. Further automation and enhanced use of the possibilities of IT is a strategic choice of the PD44. This includes the provision of Archibus as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) based on defined Service Levels (SL), maintaining the interfaces to other EPO IT systems, e.g. SAP, and providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support relating to the Archibus ecosystem.

The EPO is interested in using Archibus as close to the standard as possible considering the history of the implemented system. This means that business adaptations will be checked against the world-wide Archibus standard and deviation will be discussed in close co-operation. Standard in this context means the basic functionality delivered by Archibus without customisation. The total service duration (maintenance of the on premise system as well as the cloud migration and subsequent running the Archibus infrastructure in a cloud environment) is expected to be 3 years with two possible extension periods of 1 year each.