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Graphic & Motion Design for Munich-based EPO agency

Call: Graphic Design and Motion Design services

Contracting Authority: European Patent Office, Munich, Germany

Deadline: 3/11

Framework contract for a 3+2 years

Lot 1: Graphic Design

The following work areas are included:

• Interactive reports / studies / image brochures: Design and layout of reports, studies and image brochures with interactive functions according to the EPO corporate design guidelines

• Communication materials: concept and design of a broad variety of communication materials

• Infographics: concept and design of infographics and illustrations

• Campaigns: concept and design of creative internal campaigns or social media campaigns, key visuals and web visuals

• Event materials: Concept and design of event material

• Training and education materials: online and print brochures and materials for training and education

Lot 2: Motion Design and Animation

This lot focuses exclusively on animation and motion design for different purposes like campaigns, events, announcements

• Motion design / animations for infoscreens

• Animated key visuals

• Animated infographics for web and social media

• Motion graphic design / Text animations / Kinetic Typography for videos

• Development of content conceptions and implementation of own ideas

• Ability to build storyboards

– excellent sense of timing, motion and easing – animated typograph

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