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Agentura EPO z Mnichova se chce zbavit starých počítačů a dalších e-odpadu


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Call: Provision of services of disposal of e-waste and related services with a reduced carbon footprint

Zadavatel: Evropský patentový úřad (EPO), Mnichov

Doba trvání: 36 měsíců

Short description: Provision of a comprehensive, flexible and sustainable ICT and electronic disposal service. By using an effective single point of service for multiple brands and types of ICT and electronic assets, the EPO expects to reduce and recycle more e-waste, to get carbon credits for the EMAS certification and to meet its financial, geographical, security, risk, ethic and environmental requirements.

Hodnocení: kvalita 90% x cena 10%

Deadline: 11/1/2022

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