Dodávky a instalace komponentů datových sítí pro EPO, Rijswijk

Tendr: Delivery and installation of computer data network components

Zadavatel: EPO (Evropský patentový úřad), Rijswijk NL – rozloha 180.000 m2 (3 budovy, dvě datacentra)

Kontrakt na 4 roky

Deadline 5/11

Požadavky na personál – technical support staff shall at least have the following qualifications:

 Head Technician : MBO or Kenteq level 4 (or equivalent)

 1st Technician : MBO or Kenteq level 3 (or equivalent)

 Technician : LBO+ or Kenteq level 2 (or equivalent)

 Assistant Technician : LBO or Kenteq level 1 (or equivalent)

EPO’s structured cabling system makes use of products and components covered by such a product certification program, that includes the following brands, manufacturers and vendors:

 Optical Fibers: : SYSTIMAX and /or Legrand

 Copper cabling : SYSTIMAX and /or Legrand

 Cable ducts : Warren and Brown and Legrand

The cabling installation shall comply with ISO is 14763, EN50174 and TIA/EIA 569. It shall also comply with the channel performance of the new editions of TIA/EIA 568B, IS 11801 and EN 50173 standards.

Příklad toho, co budou poptávat:

The IT department has a big server project and therefore there is a need to expand the rack capacity in the data centre. The following works are requested:

· Installation of 4 server racks in SEDP00 (standard EPO configuration, brand Rittal), called TA, TB, TC, TD;

∙ Installation of 2 PDU’s Rittal DK 7955.233;

∙ Extension of fibre trays (100 mm) from rack TA to rack X200;

∙ Extension of wire tray (500 mm) from rack TA to rack X200;

∙ 96 UTP cat 6A between rack TA and T200;

∙ 24 Fibre OM4 pairs between rack TD and rack X207;

∙ 2 UTP outlets in Room S03G71 from rack S03GT35;

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