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Interpol seeks IT Security Improvement



IT Security Improvement – Analytics, Incident Detection and Responses Solutions

Interpol, Lyon

Deadline 21/7


In an increasingly busy environment and where the volume of information exchanged is constantly growing, lot1 will reinforce the tools already in place, and will be dedicated to the analysis of network behavior, packet capture and correlation, discovering the network topology, detecting incidents and setting up a response program.


In order to strengthen our access controls and face the risk of information leaks, both internally and externally, it is necessary to better control our data environment.

Lot2 will be dedicated to the implementation of a global governance solution, the objective of which will be to analyze the current and historical data of the organization, to define the appropriate treatment(s) according to the nature and the sensitivity of the data discovered, identify the discrepancies and thus suggest and make the necessary corrections.

These solutions will have to meet several functional and technical needs.

• Integrate into an infrastructure without modification of the latter or interruption of communications and services.

• Provide a real-time global overview of the threat level

• Group anomalies intelligently

• Present and analyze the topologies of information systems and host events

• Consult network, systems, and application events

• Review historical data

• Summarize general behaviors

• Correlate anomalies and report back in the event of a security incident in real time

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