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Interpol hledá agenturu na novou globální digitální komunikační kampaň

Tendr: Development of a Global digital awareness campaign

Zadavatel: INTERPOL, Lyon

Deadline 29/5

Jazyk tendru: angličtina

Proposal should deal with these three main capacities:

1. Defining a Communication plan for a campaign in an effort to raise global awareness amongst INTERPOL’s National Central Bureaus and to engage external high-level decision makers within law enforcement, academia and police academies as well as the general public, private sector and media industry.  Noting that this is a 3-year project, present a skeleton of the plan year by year.  Explain briefly your strategy and your choices   Explain briefly how your plan will target different audiences

2. Production of a range of multimedia products to be published on digital platforms:   Demonstrate your story telling capacity  Mention who will inspire you and who you have collaborated with  Explain briefly your choices  Show your multimedia skills  Add links to products made by your company (if public)

3. Management of diffusion channels for multimedia products:  Channels proposed for the project  Analytics capacity, the way you use it and share your products  Explain how you will manage the distribution of products during the three year timeline

Globally in your offer you should:  Present your knowledge of the organized crime phenomenon and law enforcement community  Mention if you have already developed a communication plan/products for this type of project  Mention if you already work with public institutions and/or law enforcement entities, and provide examples (if this is not confidential)  Detail in your financial offer the cost of the different products  Describe your experience of managing confidential subjects

The bids shall be selected according to the following selection criteria:

 – Technical part: 60 %  Creativity, story telling  Technical capacity in multimedia production  Knowledge and choice of the diffusion channels   Schedule  Experience with law enforcement 

 – Financial part: 40 %  Price  Company profile (products and services offered, financial data, qualifications and references for similar transactions and human resources available)

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