Videos, clips and animations production for Interpol

Zakázka: Multimedia Production

Zadavatel: Interpol, Lyon

Jazyk tendru: angličtina

Deadline: 25/6

Background: To improve the capacity and possibilities to fulfill requests to produce multimedia products, the Communication Office pursues to have a shortlist of multimedia production companies / individuals, which it can contact for outsourcing requests. This will enhance the flexibility and reactiveness of the Communication Office.

Type of work: The selected companies will be tasked with the production of single or a set of videos, short info clips, animations and/or photo reportages. These can be for the promotion of INTERPOL projects, events or operations. The Communication Office intents to increase the number of small animations and short video clips to have a more dynamic image fitting to current trends. Short turnover time will be required for most of the assignments.

Techniques: The techniques can be either live shoots, stock material, photo animations, interviews, motion graphics, 3D CGI animation and, or 360/VR, depending on the subject. Motion design (i.e animated titles, specialfx) will be required in most cases.

Duration: Videos/animations will have an average duration between 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.

Target platform: These productions can be disseminated in various and multiple ways, predominantly on web/social media or on-stage presentations. Videos/animations typically need to be delivered in the organizations four official languages (English, French, Spanish and Arabic). 

Delivery time: Depending the project and complexity, the delivery time from concept to final delivery will be between 2 to 6 weeks.

Scope of production: The shortlisted companies will be hired per project/production set, of which final delivery might consist of various final products deliveries. in case of video/animation production will consists of (if applicable): 1. Concept development, 2. Scripting, 3. Story boarding 4. Shooting/ production 5. Post production These steps will be done in close cooperation with and validated by the multimedia management of the communication office. Final delivery will be the final cut, in various languages, in various formats as required. This also might include raw rushes produced in the process. For additional photo assignments, a collection of edited images in logical selections will be delivered, both in RAW and jpg format.

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