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Outsourcing of Communication Services

European Parliament (Bxl, Stras)

Budget €138.000.000 for 48-months framework contract

Deadline 16/3

The procurement procedure should result in the signing of framework contracts ‘in cascade’ with a maximum of three framework contracts per lot to be signed with the first three economic operators, ranked in descending order after the evaluation of the tenders submitted has been completed.

At the time of the execution of the order and before the award of the specific contract or the issue of a specific order form, the European Parliament will contact the economic operator in first place in the order and, if not available, the second, and then, under the same conditions, possibly the third, and so on until the final contractor.

3 lots (fully separate)

Lot 1: IT Aspects of Communication Products, with a Focus on Work in Digital and Social Media. The purpose of this contract is to provide the contracting authorities with outsourcing of profiles related to IT aspects of communication products, with a focus on work in digital and social media. Budget €62.800.000

Lot 2: Conceptual and Implementation Work for Communication Products, Namely Design, Authoring and Analysis. The purpose of this contract is to provide the contracting authorities with outsourcing of profiles related to conceptual and implementation work for communication products, namely design, authoring and analysis. €68.400.000

Lot 3: Generic and Administrative Tasks of the Central Administration and the Visitors Services of the European Parliament. The purpose of this contract is to provide the contracting authorities with outsourcing of profiles related to generic and administrative tasks of the central administration and the visitors services of the European Parliament. €6.800.000

The estimated amounts of hours for a year, per lot and per profiles, is as in the table below:

Lot 1 – Analytics Expert10.000
Lot 1 – Cybersecurity Expert6.920
Lot 1 – Data Journalist7.420
Lot 1 – Information Architect5.760
Lot 1 – IT Web Architect25.384
Lot 1 – Search Engine Optimisation Expert1.800
Lot 1 – Social Media Bot Developer6.000
Lot 1 – Social Media Graphic Designer10.377
Lot 1 – Web Developer42.524
Lot 1 – Web Editor31.127
Lot 1 – Web Graphic Designer18.957
Lot 1 – Web Knowledge Architect10.288
Lot 1 – Web Project Manager22.416
Lot 1 – Web System Administrator16.880
Lot 1 – Web User Experience Specialist9.720
  Lot 2 – Audiovisual Producer13.244
Lot 2 – Community Manager8.540
Lot 2 – Conceptual Art Director9.844
Lot 2 – Conceptual Copywriter12.709
Lot 2 – Creative Director4.640
Lot 2 – Development Specialist5.760
Lot 2 – Digital Media Producer20.528
Lot 2 – Digital Paid Media Specialist6.000
Lot 2 – Graphic Designer23.864
Lot 2 – Illustrator5.560
Lot 2 – Media Analyst2.920
Lot 2 – Motion Designer8.160
Lot 2 – Project Manager88.368
Lot 2 – Social Media Analyst5.960
Lot 2 – Strategic Engagement Expert8.476
Lot 2 – Strategic Planner7.760
  Lot 3 – Data Protection Analyst5.600
Lot 3 – Financial Assistant10.000
Lot 3 – Museum Educator1.920
Lot 3 – Museum Expert5.760
Lot 3 – Museum Publications Coordinator1.920
Lot 3 – Museum/Cultural Events Organiser3.940

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