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Agentura EU z Kodaně hledá poradce pro oblast audiovizuální komunikace

Tendr: Framework service contract for the provision of multimedia and audio-visual services

Zadavatel: European Environment Agency (EEA), Kodaň – Dánsko

Kontrakt na 4 roky / budget €600.000

Deadline pro podání nabídek: 20/8

Description of the services and mandatory requirements: The future contractor will be required to offer multimedia and audio-visual services in the English language. The texts to be edited may be for print and/or publication on the web.

The EEA has regularly made successful use of audio-visual communication material and support to highlight a new EEA output or service or to draw attention to a particular issue. Such multimedia and audio-visual products span many different formats and can take several forms, and include videos, animations, short animations for social media use (GIFs), slide presentations, still photographs and infographics. In most cases, the web will be one of the main carrier mediums, but such audio-visual content is also communicated and promoted on social media, at exhibitions, events and meetings. The audio-visual communication material will sometimes need to be prepared in multilingual/subtitled versions and can address many different target groups, ranging from the general public to policymakers, media or specialists. 

 The future contractor will normally have to be involved in planning of new audio-visual communication material, and will be expected to give creative input and advice and propose alternative product types, technical solutions and dissemination alternatives, if needed accompanied with cost and time estimates. The preparatory activities may include preparation of synopsis, storyline, mood-boards, etc. to help the EEA choose the most appropriate creative approach and fine-tune the narrative. As for production tasks, these may include delivery of draft storyboards, edits, finalisation of approved version, preparation of multilingual editions (including translation if required) and delivery of the end product in electronic format as well as dissemination and promotion of the end product, including on social media channels.   The contractor’s communication with the EEA is expected to take place in English, which is the EEA’s daily working language.

Základní požadavky:

1) na obrat: The tenderer must have for each of the past two financial years for which accounts have been closed, an average annual turnover of at least EUR 200 000.

2) na složení realizačního týmu:

Managerial staff: minimum 1 CV documenting a minimum of 5 (five) years’ relevant experience as contract manager, including language skills in English (minimum level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( 

 Staff designated to carry out the work:   Senior consultants: minimum 3 CVs, each documenting a minimum of 5 (five) years’ relevant experience as senior consultant, including written skills in English;   Junior consultants: minimum 3 CVs, each documenting a minimum of 2 (two) years’ relevant experience as junior consultant, including written skills in English

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