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Vývoj softwaru pro evropský Úřad pro publikace


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Tendr: Poskytování služeb vývoje softwaru týkajících se IT systémů Úřadu pro publikace

Zadavatel: Úřad pro publikace Evropské unie, Luxembourg

Kontrakt na 52 měsíců / budget €12.000.000

The scope of the FWC is the provision of software development services (including development, evolution, maintenance and consultancy) related to the information systems of the Publications Office. The information systems are listed and presented in point 4.2 below. Please note that this list may evolve during the execution of the FWC – information systems may be added or removed.

The table below presents the information systems initially included in the scope of the FWC, together with their short description:

SystemBrief description
ATTOApplication to manage translations of meta-data based on MDR used by various applications of the Publications Office. It is developed in Java / Apache Struts on Linux running in a DIGIT LAMP/T environment with an Oracle database. The application is communicating with various applications mainly through the WOODs system and also with its users via its web based user interface.
CELLARApplication providing content and metadata for EUR-Lex and for the Publications Office’s Portal websites and their search engines. It will serve as repository for all future Public Websites of the Publications Office.
CERES-2014Application providing a manageable reception and validation tool for all electronic deliveries to be published by Publications Office portals. During the validation process other formats or descriptive data can be generated.
CHECKLEXApplication enabling verification of the electronic signature of the Official Journal.
CONSLIFEManagement tool that provides functions necessary to manage and follow up the entire lifecycle of production and dissemination of consolidated versions of legal acts.
CONVEXCollection of scripts and tools for converting legislative acts from FMX or DOC(X) to (X)HTML. It is also being adapted/tested for conversion from FMX to HTML5 and Akoma Ntoso. CONVEX is being used as a module of CERES-2014, and will also be made available as a PADRE service.
DEFAApplication managing the financial part of the production of the Official Journal, the Case Law and the Droit Dérivé. Also, managing the follow-up of each order sent to the printer, estimating the price by document and by institution, and ensuring there is sufficient budget. Processing electronic invoices received from contractors, making the link with received orders, and calculating the cost of each publication entity.
DWCERESReporting tool that collects data from CERES-2014 and allows users to create comprehensive Business Objects reports from the information. It is foreseen to be extended with other data sources in order to become a universal reporting tool for the Publications Office.
ESEALApplication ensuring an advanced electronic signature of the daily Official Journal.
IMMCBUILDERWeb service-oriented tool that encapsulates the IMMC specifications and allows end-users or other IT systems to create valid IMMC packages based on pre-defined templates.
JUREXSJUrisdiction Recognition Enforcement eXchange System. Reception and transmission system of information concerning national judgments made in application of legal instruments in relation to EU judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters (the Brussels and Lugano conventions as well as the Brussels regulations).
LEGAPManagement tool that provides functions necessary to follow up the Legal Analysis workflow.
LOGARCHLog of Archives. The purpose of this application is to manage the physical archives of publications of the Publications Office, the administrative archives of the Publications Office.
MEDORA2Tool to manage metadata conversions of IMMC-compliant packages.
OJCONTROLLEROn request from CERES-2014, OJCONTROLLER verifies the availability and corresponding electronic versions of the requested very recent published OJ issues in all Official languages on the EUR-Lex website with their corresponding electronic signature files on Checklex.
PADREPADRE (Parallel, Asynchronous and Distributed Remote Execution) is a general-purpose service framework for data processing tasks, offering web services to any IT system. It is being integrated with CERES-2014 in order to decouple data processing tasks from the workflow engine.
PLANJO / PLANJURPlatform to support and manage publishing production of the Official Journal of European Union.
PLANPUBLIPlatform to support and manage publishing production of the non-legal publications.
STUDIESDBOnline bibliographical database of studies produced by several EU institutions, hosted and maintained by the Publications Office. It covers studies from their inception through to publication and is intended for restricted (non-public) access within the institutions.
SUMLIFEProduction follow up system for the collection of Summaries of EU Legislation.
WHOISWHOBACKSet of programs aimed at preparing the information related to the WHO IS WHO information system. It takes as input a number of different files of different formats provided by the Commission and other institutions as well as agencies.

Deadline 13/10

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