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Jedna z EU Agentur vyhlásí tendr na “On-line data protection central register”


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Tendr: “EU Data protection on line register services”

Zadavatel: EU agentura Shift2Rail (Brusel) jménem šesti dalších EU agentur

Type of call for tenders: Negotiated procedure for a middle value contract

Maximum total value of the contract (including renewals): EUR 144 000

Duration of the contract: one year, with possibility to be renewed up to six years (total


Deadline for expression of interests: 05/04/2019

Description of the services/supplies to be purchased: Under the new Regulation (EU) 2018/1725, the Joint Undertakings, as separate controllers, shall maintain a record of the processing activities under its responsibility in a central register. In addition, for reasons of transparency, the Joint Undertakings shall make the register publicly accessible (article 31(5)). The objective of this tender is to provide and maintain a tool to serve the purpose of an on-line data protection register that should be adapted to the needs of the Joint Undertakings listed here above. The on-line register should:

 be compliant with the new Regulation (EU) 2018/1725;

 be managed as database where there is an identified central;

 facilitate the publication of the records of corresponding processing activities;

 comply with the transparency obligations;

 manage large quantities of processing operations;

 be able to deal with relations between EU institutions, such as controller, joint controller, processor.

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