Interested parties in the Implementation of the EU Secure Connectivity Programme can compete for a concession contract now

Concession Contract for the Implementation of the Union Secure Connectivity Programme

European Commission, Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space, Secure Connectivity, Space Surveillance and Applications, Brussels

Description: Concession contract for the design, development, validation, deployment, operations and service provision related to the governmental infrastructure of the Union Secure Connectivity programme and for the purchase of services to government-authorised users based on the commercial infrastructure.

Duration in months: 144

Deadline for request to participate: 26/04

Estimated date of dispatch of to participate to selected candidates: 25/05

Candidates shall provide evidence of Facility Security Clearance up to SECRET UE/EU SECRET.

Overall financial capacity: Combined annual Turnover above EUR 500 million over the last three years

Volume and value of the contract: The estimated value of the Contract, covering its entire duration of 12 years is EUR 6 billion of which the following amounts are earmarked in the current Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027:

 up to EUR 380 million for development activities;

 EUR 950 million for deployment and exploitation activities.

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