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Evropská centrální banka potřebuje vylepšit své weby

Tendr: Provision of a new information architecture for the ECB websites

Zadavatel: European Central Bank, Frankfurt aM

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 5/11/2018

Zahájení tendru: 18/1/2019

Kontrakt na 36+12 měsíců

Zakázka bude rozdělena na dvě samostatné části:

Details – LOT1: On an as-needed basis, as ordered under the Contract, the Contractor shall provide consultancy services on the technical and communications aspects of Information Architecture design, specifically for the main ECB website and also for any other ECB-owned websites that may require similar services during the course of the effective contract term. As part of the preparation, the Contractor will be in the lead of the project. Together with DGC/WDI, the contractor will lead a series of workshops or data collection activities, on-site at the ECB premises located in Frankfurt am Main, with ECB business areas (the content owners) to collect and understand their requirements. The number of workshops shall be determined based on what is necessary to gather the requirements to enable the substantive architectural re-design of the ECB website. The workshops will be organized by the Contractor with the support of the ECB. The Contractor will be responsible for designing and facilitating the workshops, documenting the proceedings, collecting and analysing the data, presenting the results, and delivering the full package of documentation to the ECB. Based on the results of the workshops and data analysis, as well as relying on industry best practices and its own experience and expertise, the Contractor shall create and deliver to the ECB a new IA design for the ECB website in the form of a mock-up website layout and/or tree diagram. The Contractor shall provide documents (e.g. reports, pictures, and/or schematics) of the content structure, as required by the ECB. The Contractor shall produce several iterations of the high-level IA structure for the website. The Contractor shall further refine the iterations based on ECB’s feedback, derived from comments and suggestions from ECB’s stakeholders as well as on the outcome of user testing carried out by Lot 2 Contractor using a tree diagram, click dummy and/or website mock-up. In parallel, the Contractor shall create a taxonomy for the English-language content on the website and deliver it to the ECB in a separate report. The Contractor shall also deliver to the ECB a report detailing the IA development process and how the different inputs were accounted for in the final product. The implementation of the new website’s underlying infrastructure shall be part of a separate project. The Contractor shall perform the Works either on the ECB’s premises in Frankfurt am Main (on-site) or at the Contractors office.

Main goals – LOT1: The main goal is to overhaul the IA of the ECB’s website while leaving the underlying infrastructure untouched. It should reflect users’ needs and modern information-seeking behaviour as evidenced by audience research, the results of which will be provided by the Contractor for Lot 2 services, and user testing. The revised IA should also conform to the priorities laid out in the ECB’s digital strategy. As part of the IA overhaul effort, the contractor shall devise a comprehensive taxonomy which covers the website’s English-language content and deliver it to the ECB.

Details – LOT2: The contractor shall conduct audience research and provide usability testing services for provisional iterations of the IA (e.g. mock-up website layout and/or tree diagram), which shall be delivered under the Contract for Lot 1 services. For the audience research, the contractor should examine demographic characteristics and also establish a set of comprehensive user archetypes. The contractor shall deliver a report detailing their research methodology and explaining how they arrived at their findings. Separate from this, the contractor shall deliver a report for each iteration of the IA they test and compare its performance to previous versions. Qualitative and quantitative testing methods should be used for both user testing and audience research. The Contractor will also be responsible for recruiting participants and ensuring that the sample accurately reflects the audience of the ECB website. The Contractor shall perform the Works either on the ECB’s premises in Frankfurt am Main (on-site) or at the Contractors office.

Main goals – LOT2: The Contractor will be responsible for researching and developing an accurate picture of the audience for the ECB’s websites, which the ECB will use to inform and ensure the usability of the new IA, which will be delivered under Lot 1. The audience research should examine both demographic characteristics (e.g. age, language, nationality etc.) and user archetypes (e.g. financial professionals, general public, academics, journalists etc.). Ideally, the audience research will be conducted using both quantitative and qualitative methods. On the basis of these findings, the Contractor shall create personas which will be used to guide the design of the Information Architecture which shall be delivered under the Lot 1 Contract. In addition, as requested by the ECB, the Contractor shall test the usability of progressive iterations of the IA among the relevant groups as they’ve been identified above and confirm the usability of the IA through research and testing. These findings will be used to inform further iterations of the IA where necessary.

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