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EU cyber agency needs web developers in Plone

Call for: Web Hosting and (Plone) Web Development services

Contracting Authority: ENISA (EU Agency for cybersecurity), Thessaloniki Greece

Deadline: 22/6

Maximum budget €950.000,00 over 4 years*

Out of the overall budget of EUR. 950.000,00 a maximum of €150,000.00 can be attributed to ‘’Web hosting services’’ over the maximum possible period of 4 years – including the costs of the one-off ‘Migration’

The tender will be officially launched on May 28th, but if you want documentation now, just say …

Backgraound: ENISA invites bids for dedicated Web Development and Web Hosting services for ENISA’s main website and several portal sites. Both the website and the portals are based on the Plone content management system. Therefore prospective tenderers should demonstrate experience and have in-depth knowledge of CMS platforms and Plone in particular. Given the nature of ENISA’s work/focus (Cyber security), the security of the websites is crucial and security should receive maximum attention. Hosting services (including back up facilities) MUST reside within the EU.

Hardware infrastructure: ENISA is currently implementing an infrastructure of two host servers responsible for the production service. Each of them has the following architecture:

 2 x 16 Core 3.0Ghz, 155W, 64bit  Processors  128 GB DDR4 RAM  4 x SSD 2 TB   2 x Quad Gigabit LAN   1000W Redundant (1+1) Power Supplies The contractor’s hosting proposal must provide similar or better hardware infrastructure for the production service and adequate infrastructure for the development and test sites. 

Required Technologies: The website and portal servers are built using the following technologies: 

Web application firewall:  FORTINET Web Application Firewall – FortiWeb 400D

Virtualization:  KVM virtualisation

Operating system:  CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)

Applications layer specific technologies:  Monitoring service nrpe (client for lcinga2 monitoring system)  Zope  Amavis and camb deamon as antivirus for uploaded files  ZEO database  Apache/ (CentOS)  Matomo analytics platform  Maria DB for Matomo  Docker server / containers (happroxy, Zeo, Zope)  Plone built on top of the Zope application server  ZODB, database used by Zope

Skills of web developers: The website and portals currently use Plone, Zope, Apache, Varnish, and Pound Load balancer. The tenderer shall demonstrate experience in these tools and applications. ENISA may want to explore the possibility of using another Content Management System (e.g. Drupal, WordPress) so additional experience with other (widely used) platforms will be considered advantageous.

For the performance of the above-mentioned activities, the following skills and experience shall be demonstrated by the tenderer in the submitted proposal:

• Proven expertise and experience in programming Python, HTML and JavaScript;

• Proven skills in creative development of interactive interfaces covering end-user accessibility          and functionality requirements in an attractive/innovative manner (user experience);

• Proven experience in transforming user requirements into demonstrable prototypes;

• Experience in systems integration, availability and security of web and mobile infrastructures;

• Experience in testing, optimization and secure software development;

• Experience in automation tools (eg. automated testing, automated deployment) and scripting           languages (eg. bash, perl, python);

• Experience in relevant tasks in both the private and public sector;

• Good project management, interpersonal and coordination skills;

• Excellent command of written and spoken English.

 Proven expertise and experience in programming PHP, SQL and NoSQL and using WordPress API and Codex and/or Drupal API will be considered advantageous.

Required profiles:

Project manager 2x

Business analyst 1x

Developer 5x

Graphical interface designer 2x

Quality assurance/tester/devops 2x

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