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Ať je to co je to, tendr za €275 tisíc vyhlášen: Umělá inteligence a hudba


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Tendr: Umělá inteligernce a hudba

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, CNECT — Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Brusel

Trvání zakázky: 12 měsíců

Budget: €275.000

Deadline pro podání nabídek: Nov. 12

Short description: Organize a hybrid networked AI and Music Festival that combines the best characteristics of offline and online as well as of a central localized and networked delocalized venues. The festival intends to highlight the full potential of AI to facilitate and assist human activities with music as a particularly intriguing and challenging example. The festival shall become a showcase for how digital can support the performing arts and a test bed for experiment with AI in a very specific human activity: music. The festival is thus fully in line with and is promoting a European human-centred approach to AI.

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