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Call: Long-Term Agreement for Adult Learning, Learning Technologies, Digital Marketing, and Evaluation Services

Contracting Authority: WHO – WHO Academy, Ženeva

Deadline 30/11

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to enter into a contractual agreement with a successful bidder and select a suitable Contractor to carry out the following work:

• To support the WHO Academy in the design, production, translation and delivery of multilingual digital, in-person, and hybrid courses

• To provide the WHO Academy with research and evaluation expertise in adult learning, competency-based learning, and digital education

• To support the WHO Academy in the development of the Learning Experience Platform, including web services, digital design, user experience, user interface, trouble-shooting, debugging, product improvement, etc.

• To support the WHO Academy in digital marketing, outreach, and business services.

*** Vendors may bid on a single domain, or multiple domains.

WHO requires the successful bidder, the Contractor, to carry out work in one or more of the following 9 domains:

1 Course design and production: Support to course design teams in identifying the appropriate learning objectives, tools, platforms, behavioural insights, and marketing mechanisms to ensure achievement of learning outcomes and impact; provision of services in learning design, digital design of course content, and recommendations for innovation in learning modalities and tools, keeping in mind the multilingual character of the target audiences.

2 Course delivery (instructors, online facilitators): provision of resources (people, products, information, technologies) to facilitate course delivery and operations, including instructors, online facilitators, in-course support and moderation, and process improvement; management of learner achievement, recognition, and interoperable learner records. For the Academy’s simulation centre, instructors to deliver face-to face and/or virtual trainings, related to the area of emergencies including but not exclusive to: mass casualty management (preparedness and response); clinical care delivery; management of complex emergencies (preparedness and response).

3 Research and evaluation: development of mixed methods research tools to study and evaluate learning outcomes, impact and processes (changes in skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours).

4 Learning technologies and innovations: open certification and credentialing system, development, refinement, and trouble-shooting of the learning experience platform to support innovation in course design and delivery as well as product design, usability and accessibility measures to ensure equitable and facilitated access; provision of services in app development, web design, content management, software management, user interface, user experience, extended reality, artificial intelligence, natural language processing (eg. Conversational agents), and virtual simulation. Augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) designers to strengthen our creative technology team in the creation of high-quality AR/VR learning courses.

5 Digital marketing of courses and services: Strategizing, planning and execution of online/digital tools, platforms and channels to raise awareness of the Academy’s products, build its brand, generate leads, and grow the membership base.

6 Multilingual Learning

• Editorial services for original language (mostly English) editing, proofreading and quality control.

• Translation services into Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and other languages to ensure the timely, high-quality translation of the Academy’s products.

• Localizaton services: In addition to translation, execution of technical localization tasks, such as the pre-processing of files for extracting translatable content, post-processing of files, and building and testing of the localized products.

• Provision of workflow, editorial and computer-assisted translation/machine translation tools and systems.

7 Strategic Advisory Services: Strategic advisory services relating to the Academy’s establishment, stakeholder engagement, change management, organizational design, business process design and optimization and managing a hub and spokes model. Legal advisory services relating to intellectual property, artificial intelligence and data privacy.

8 Business services: Services supporting business planning, finance, budgeting, risk management and internal control, product development, pricing strategy, product development and growth.

9 Audio Visual Services: Based on the approved conceptual design, provide the team with support in the procurement and installation of audio visual (AV) equipment into a green-field state-of-the-art adult learning centre to be erected in France

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