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Výroba propagačních materiálů pro Úřad evropského veřejného žalobce 

Provision of Branded Material for the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO)

Estimated total value: €300,000

Deadline: 23/11

Duration in months: 48 (framework agreement)

Items (and quantities) covered by the contract

Main items covered by the contract are indicated in appendix I. This appendix indicates also minimum technical requirements that articles must comply with. The unit prices will be all-inclusive except from the delivery expenses, if the item will need to be delivered to a place different than the EPPO Central Office. The Price List will become the reference price list in case of contract award.

The tenderer shall be able to execute the following printing techniques:

• single and multi-colour printing on various supports;

• engraving on metal, glass/crystal;

• embossing on leather/textile.

It is particularly important to bear in mind the weight and volume constraints, which must be respected in order for the objects to be easily carried by individuals when they travel.

All the items produced by the tendered should be complaints with the EPPO visual identity guidelines.

This procurement procedure is not divided into lots. The tenderer must be able to provide all services requested. There is no contractual obligation on the EPPO to purchase a minimum quantity of a branded item, even if listed in Appendix 1.

Deliveries: The supplies should be made in line with the specific orders issued by the EPPO throughout the duration of the contract. Orders will specify the exact items and quantities to be delivered, as well as the delivery deadlines and place: EPPO – 11 AV. JOHN F. KENNEDY, 1855 LUXEMBOURG

Production and delivery of items according to classification of priority is analysed as follows:

• Normal priority: production, shipment and delivery of ordered items within 20 working days after reception of a signed order form or within the later timeframe set in the EPPO request.

• Urgent priority: production, shipment and delivery of ordered items within 10 working days after reception of a signed order form. Any extra costs arising from the urgent delivery shall be included in the order form and delivery time shall be clearly indicated in the quotation of the contractor.

Deliveries of specific quantities may also be made to other destinations than the EPPO headquarters within the EU. In such a case, delivery requirements (i.e. address, time of delivery, …) will be discussed with the supplier upon ordering and will be included in the ordering request. The EPPO will provide specific delivery instructions to the supplier upon confirmation of the order.

The cost of shipping to other destinations within the EU than the EPPO headquarters will be reimbursed on the basis of the actual cost incurred by the Contractor as proven by the relevant invoice issued by the courier company.

No material storage will be required of the contractor.

Samples: The Contractor shall work with the EPPO to finalise the design of each item, and shall submit, before the main production starts, digital or physical (according to availability) samples of each item to be supplied, already with the EPPO logo, for the approval of the EPPO. The feedback from the EPPO shall be taken into account for the production of the main batch. These samples shall be provided free of charge within the deadline foreseen in the request. The EPPO may resign from this requirement after award of the specific order.

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