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Úředníci z Rady EU si nevědí rady s SAPem. Za pomoc zaplatí:)


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Zakázka: Poskytnutí služeb souvisejících se systémem SAP

Zadavatel: Rada Evropské unie, secrétariat général, Bruxelles, Belgie

Stručný popis: Cílem výzvy je obstarání služeb informačních technologií souvisejících s technologií SAP pro generální sekretariát Rady Evropské unie s cílem údržby a rozvoje finančního informačního systému SOS II a implementace nové funkce v mezích změnového řízení a ve spolupráci s provozními uživateli. Půjde zejména o údržbu, podporu, školení a poradenské služby související s integrovaným finančním informačním systémem na bázi systému SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 (s názvem SOS II) a souvisejícími produkty (SAP BI, SAP PI, Solution Manager apod.) používanými generálním sekretariátem Rady Evropské unie, Soudním dvorem Evropské unie, Evropským účetním dvorem a Evropským univerzitním institutem.


* finanční:

The tenderer’s statement must demonstrate a minimum annual turnover of 2 Mio Euro for SAP related consulting services during the last 3 financial years available.

* lidské kapacity, reference:

documents certifying professional standing and technical capability and possession of relevant professional experience of at least three years for the delivery of the type of supplies required/provision of the type of services required;

A list of the main projects and services of an equivalent nature and of comparable or greater volume than those covered by the contract, carried out during 3 last years (comparable size and volume can be understood as references with 6 Full Time Equivalents (FTE) or more). For each reference mentioned, the candidate must indicate the amounts, the dates, a precise description of the services and the names and contact details of the public or private recipient. For at least three of the main contracts mentioned, the candidate must in particular provide detailed information on the technical nature of the services, the corresponding volumes (working days) of the services provided and a certificate issued or countersigned by the competent entity of the beneficiary justifying the said services and proving the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the services.

The three references must include, on the one hand,

– a reference to the implementation of SAP functions for public budgetary accounting (with the SAP “Funds Management”, “Public Sector Management” or “Industry Solution Public Sector” modules), and on the other hand

– a reference demonstrating the capacity to provide a service taking into account the particularities of more than 2 countries, such as the implementation of an international core model, the deployment of an SAP system on subsidiaries located in several countries, or any other service involving the implementation within the same SAP system of settings that simultaneously address the accounting, banking, linguistic and regulatory problems of more than 2 countries.

A description of the candidate’s technical and logistical facilities, and a certificate issued by an external certification body attesting its conformity with IT Service Management (e.g. ISO / IEC 20 000).

Detailed list of studies and professional qualifications (CV) of the persons responsible for the delivery of services. By delivering such list the Tenderer commits to send the proposed persons, or replacement persons with an equivalent or superior profile than the one which is presented

Two CVs of Consultants employed by the Tenderer for each of the following profiles: -“Business Process Engineer”, -“Solution Architect”, -“Functional Consultant”, -“Developer”,  -“Technical Consultant”, -“SAP Administrator” and -“Trainer.

Deadline pro projevení zájmu: 21/12

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