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SSO solution of existing web applications and services through a central identity server for EU SatCen


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Call for tenders: Technical assistance contract for the implementation of a Single Sign-On solution of existing web applications and web services through a central identity server

Contracting Authority: The European Union Satellite Sentre (SatCen), Madrid

EOI deadline: 5/8

Description of the contract: The European Union Satellite Centre (SatCen)  has developed in the last few years different internal operational web applications and web services that are authenticated so far through windows authentication.

Those applications will be made accessible to selected external users with different levels of access through a secure Wide Array Network.

An identity server has already been deployed and customized to SatCen specific user management needs.

The SatCen seeks to award a technical assistance contract for a maximum duration of seven (7) months for the execution of the following tasks:

1.            Review and validate the implemented SSO workflow and check it against the constraints of the target environment.

2.            Study the existing applications and services to be integrated and propose the best implementation of the SSO mechanism adapted to each service and application.

3.            Develop libraries and samples of code dedicated to the authentication and authorization part adapted to each type of application and web services.

4.            Production of clear and complete documentation for the above-mentioned tools.

5.            Assist the SatCen developer team in the implementation of those tools within their applications and web services.

The signature of the contract is expected for September 2019. Due to the nature of the activities, most of the work shall be performed at the SatCen premises.

The maximum contract value for all the services described is € 60,000.00, without VAT.

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