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5 mil: Recherche et analyse d’information, Écriture, correction et traduction de textes, Design graphique, composition et identité visuelle, Photographie et  illustrations, Impression

20 mil: Assistance to communication planning and campaigns

14,1 mil: Information and Communication activities relating to the Common Fisheries Policy and to the EU Integrated Maritime Policy       

14 mil: Conception et production de produits d’information, gestion des listes de diffusion

12,4 mil: Organisation d’événements

9,5 mil: Communications services and media relations in the area of ​​external relations


10 mil: Provision of integrated communication services in the field of education and culture (with ESN/Saatchi&Saatchi and PAU Education)

6 mil: Writing , graphic design and web (with Media Consulta International Holding AG)

10,2 mil: Support of Communication and Information Activities

5 mil: Provision of electronic publications – Electronic publishing based on Documentum CWCMS platform (with Deloitte, Engineering IT, European Dynamics, ESN, IRIS and Logica, Software)

2,7 mil: Provision of electronic publications – Audiovisual production (with ESN and Media Consulta)

1,4 mil: Promotion and marketing activities – Editorial and graphic works

2 mil: Design, lay-out and production of copy for information products

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