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ICT security consultancy pro Eurojust (Haag)


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Tendr: ICT Security and Business Continuity Management Services

Zadavatel: EUROJUST (The Hague, NL)

Hodnocení: 70% kvalita (technická nabídka) x 30% cena

Hodně práce on-site

Rámcová smlouva na 4 roky / budget €1.250.000

Scope: to provide consultancy services in the areas of ICT Security and Business Continuity Management related to sensitive and classified information.                                                            

Volume of the contract: Based on historical data it is estimated that the volume of ICT Security consultancy engagement is between 50 – 100 days per year.  Several unknown aspects, such as urgent business requests for new technical solutions, cyber-attacks, etc, may however cause the need for consultancy to increase to 150 days a year.

Bezpečnost/prověrky: During the performance of the Contract, the Contractor will have to access sensitive information processed by Eurojust and about Eurojust ICT systems – the Contractor should have an Information Security Management System in place based on international standards.

In some cases, Eurojust may ask for security clearance of the consultants involved for the provision of certain assignments. This will be considered as a specific requirement for a specific assignment, and not influence the other conditions. When requested by Eurojust, the Contractor’s consultants shall obtain a security clearance issued by the competent national authority of the consultant’s home country.

Tasks and deliverables: + Security audits + Security reviews + Risk assessments + Incident management + ISMS implementation + Penetration tests + Information awareness raising + Business continuity planning + Optional services


* The tenderer must have for each of the past two financial years for which accounts have been closed, an average annual turnover of at least €625,000

* A list of the services provided in the past three years covering at least the 8 tasks and deliverables listed in point 6.1 of the Technical Specifications., with the sums, dates and clients, public or private accompanied upon request by statements issued by the clients; 

* CV`s of actual consultants (names removed) who the tenderer believes meets the requirements of the 8 tasks and deliverables listed in point 6.1 of the Technical Specifications. A single CV may cover several tasks and deliverables. A table should be provided indicating which CV corresponds to which tasks and deliverables.

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