Evropský institut pro inovace a technologie z Berlína hledá experty na marketingové a komunikační služby

Tendr: Marketingové služby a služby komunikace

Zadavatel: EIT RawMaterials GmbH (jde o “the largest consortium in raw materials sector worldwide) financované European Institute of Innovation and Technology – EIT), sídlí v Berlíně

Main site or place of performance: Berlin, GERMANY, Leuven, BELGIUM, Luleå, SWEDEN, Espoo, FINLAND, Wroclaw, POLAND, Rome, ITALY, Metz, FRANCE.

Kontrakt na 2 roky

Deadline 2/12

Zakázka je rozdělena na 5 samostných/na sobě nezávislých částí:

LOT1 Corporate Publishing/Branding. Description of the procurement:— design of brochures,— design of annual report (Design, Printing and Distribution of 3 000 copies across Europe),— design for newsletter,— design for microsites,— online banners,— support on corporate presentation templates and presentations,— copyright services for brochures and flyers,— design of web images,— design of several A4-Fact sheets,— design and delivery of several folders and printing materials A4/A5,— design and delivery of Rollup banners and all branded materials,— design of social media key visuals for all social media channels,— video branding design,— design of giveaways including production and delivery.

LOT2 – Digital Platforms Content Marketing/Campaign Marketing. Description of the procurement: — content management support (including editing, new text and pictures), — building microsites for open innovation and special special events and occasions based on the overall website strategy, — digital marketing campaigns/including accelerator marketing, — development of templates individualized for the wants and needs of EIT Raw Materials, — templates for different work groups to fill in information (f.e. project status and questionnaire for the editorial team), — development of templates to build Microsites.

LOT3 – Extended Graphic Design/Video Production. Description of the procurement: — development of extended infographics, — motion design elements, — development and production of professional videos (film, animations, scribbled videos, 2D and 3D animations), — postproduction of photo and videos (including voice over, music, animation, color grading, release in different formats).

LOT4 – Event Management and Digital Event Marketing. Description of the procurement: — organisational preparation, logististical support and running of large-scale events, such as RM Summit, General Assembly meetings and Brokerage Events (over 100 participants), — organisational and logistical support of small and medium-size events (c. 20 to 100 participants), — digital marketing for large-, medium- and small-scale events, — branding and media material development for events, — trade show coordination, — media coordination, press event organisation, — running digital event marketing campaign, — reporting and analytics.

LOT5 – Media and Public Relation Services. Description of the procurement: — organising press conferences, CEO round tables and briefings across Europe, — developing media kits and Q and A, — positioning stories, media stories to tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc., local, national, EU media.