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EU hledá tvůrce propagační kampaně o kyberbezpečnosti

Call: Design and Implementation of Awareness Raising Campaigns

Zadavatel: EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), Řecko

Maximum budget: €600.000 over 3 years

Background: ENISA organises annually numerous awareness and promotion activities around cybersecurity topics and best practices. The aim is to collaborate with companies of multidisciplinary profiles that can offer numerous services linked to the different stages of an awareness raising campaign on cybersecurity. This call will conclude with the award of minimum 3 and maximum 5 framework contracts to successful bidders with actual projects being tendered via ‘Re-opening of Competition’ over the next 3 years.

Projects proposed for 2022 – without this being binding on ENISA, it is envisaged that the following topics could be tendered in 2022to the successful framework contractors:

 Design, implementation/execution and evaluation/lessons learned of the large or small scale campaigns (i.e. ECSM, Certification, SME cybersecurity);

 Strategic communication of large or small scale campaigns;

 Design and monitoring of impact metrics of large or small scale campaigns;

 Design and implementation of promotional and/or educational campaigns;

 Selection of communication channels suitable for target audiences and their regular re-calibration of the communications’ plan based on performance metrics;

 Setting and keeping channels alive during the campaign through disseminating promotional material and content;

 Creative content creation adapted to each media/channel;

 Development of educational/informational/promotional material

Deadline pro nabídky: 4. října

Ps: tendr bude oficiálně zahájen 7. září, kdy bude zpřístupněna i zadávací dokumentace

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