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Dvě evropské agentury potřebují pomoc s rozvojem lidského kapitálu


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Tendr: Služby hodnocení v oblastech “Human Capital Development” a “Vocational Education and Training”

Zadavatelé: Evropská nadace odborného vzdělávání (ETF), Torino, Itálie + Cedefop – Evropské středisko pro rozvoj odborného vzdělávání, Thessaloniki, Řecko

Kontrakt na 4 roky / budget €1.400.000

Stručný popis: The purpose of the contract is to provide the ETF and CEDEFOP with evaluation services to be carried out to evaluate the methods and areas of work of the ETF and Cedefop in the field of Human Capital Development and Vocational Education and Training.

For the purposes of this contract, monitoring services are included as part of evaluation:

* ‘Monitoring’ is defined as a continuing function that uses systematic collection of data on specified indicators to provide management and the main stakeholders’ information of an ongoing activity, of the extent of progress and achievement of objectives and progress in the use of allocated funds. It identifies actual or potential successes and problems as early as possible to facilitate timely adjustments.

* ‘Evaluation’ is defined as a time-bound exercise that attempts to assess systematically and objectively the relevance, performance and success, or the lack thereof, of ongoing and completed programmes. Evaluation is undertaken selectively to answer specific questions to guide decision-makers and to provide information on whether underlying theories and assumptions used in programme development were valid, what worked and what did not work and why. Evaluation aims to determine the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, coherence, impact, sustainability and added value of an intervention/project or programme.

* Evaluation may be carried out at various stages of the policy cycle: before (ex ante evaluations, usually incorporated into impact assessments), during (intermediate, interim, ongoing evaluations) or after the intervention (ex post, final evaluations). All activities of legislative and non-legislative nature can be subject to an evaluation.

Deadline: 14/5

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