Agentura EU se sídlem na Maltě vypíše tendr na “elektronický podpis” pro své dokumenty

Tendr: Provision of advanced electronic signature with qualified certificate for EASO documents and workflows

Zadavatel: The European Asylum Support Office (EASO), Malta

Jde o tendr “na výzvu”, s rámcovou smlouvou na 2 až 4 roky, s rozpočtem s horním stropem €100.000.

Deadline pro EOI: 12/7

EASO intends to conclude a contract for 2 main work packages. Work Package 1 “SIGNING SOLUTION” includes the following:

1. WP1.1 Software

a) Signing software which includes Signature Creation Application, MS SharePoint add-on and other components necessary for signing and verifications according to the requirements

b) Signature Verification Solution

c) OTP One Time Password Solution

d) API

2. WP1.2 Hardware

a) SSCD Secure Signature Creation Device

3. WP1.3 Services

a) Consultation

b) Integration

c) Training

d) Maintenance

e) Migration

Work Package 2 “QTSP SERVICES” includes the following:

1. WP2.1 Certificates

a) Qualified electronic signature certificates for advanced electronic signatures

b) Qualified electronic seal certificates for qualified seal

 2. WP.2.2 CA services

a) On-site Registration for Qualified Certificates (EASO Office)

b) Revocation services available for EASO representatives for all issued certificates

c) TSA – Qualified Time Stamping