Hledá se pořadatel European Inventor Award v Mnichově

Tendr: Organizování akcí: European Inventor Award

Zadavatel: European Patent Organisation, Mnichov

Popis: the EPO is seeking an event-organising agency to be responsible for delivering an annual event – the European Inventor Award Ceremony and its associated VIP (Evening) Reception(s) and Press Events

Projevení zájmu: nejpozději do 4/8 (12:00)!!!

Deadline pro doručení nabídek: 4/9

Prezentace vybraných kandidátů: 18-19/9

Production of promotional videos about the Internet of Things

Tendr: Ex-ante advertisement for call for tender up to 50.000 €: Production of promotional videos about the Internet of Things (IoT)

Purpose of this call for tenders: the production of at least four (4) promotional videos of maximum two (2) minutes each to illustrate EU’s Internet of Things vision as well as current policy actions and research activities.

The European Commission, through the produced videos, seeks to:

Inform EU citizens and businesses about the positive current and future aspects and benefits of IoT technology and especially its impact on everyday life and economy

Present EU’s IoT current and future policy actions (EU’s IoT vision)

Associate the EU’s policy actions with the future of the technology (explain why the EU is putting forward policy actions)

Make a link with the ongoing EU research and especially with the ongoing IoT large scale pilots (Why EU invests in IoT research and innovation?)

The contractor is asked to provide appealing and simple to understand stories and messages based on examples. The examples can be related to the use cases of the IoT large scale pilots.

The style of the promotional videos should be creative and appealing, eye-catching, fast-paced and modern, effectively communicating the message to the target audience. The videos should attract attention, eventually shock then reassure – possibly obtained by surprise elements, disturbing situations and the use of humour. The video should be as self-explanatory as possible, but voice-over could be used as well as nice graphics. However, the videos cannot be fully animated or 100% cartoon based. It should show real people and covered by realism but with a futuristic approach. The videos should entertain and inform the audience.

Specifically, tasks will include:

* Creating at least two draft concepts

* Writing a clear storyboard/scenario based on the final selected concept

* Creating any necessary animated and/or other graphics

* Shooting

* Renting the right equipment

* Paying the right experts and actors

* Buying and adding music

* Buying and using any necessary images/videos/clips from bank stock

* Using a voice-over (English native speaker) when necessary

* Editing

* Producing HD quality videos (final deliverable)

* Submitting all the produced footage to the European Commission

Deadline 10/8

Brusel potřebuje vylepšit interaktivní portál BUILD UP, hledá agenturu na provoz a propagaci

Tendr: Provoz, údržba, zdokonalení a propagace interaktivního internetového portálu „Build up“

Zadavatel: Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME)

Popis: Agentura EASME si přeje uzavřít smlouvu na poskytnutí služeb, jejímž cílem bude provoz, údržba, zdokonalení a zvýšení efektivního využití internetového portálu „Build up“ (http://www.buildup.eu/en) mezi cílovými skupinami za použití stávajících služeb „Build Up“ jako výchozího bodu.

Kontrakt na 4 roky, orientační budget €2.500.000

Deadline 12/9

Une réflexion stratégique sur la conduite du changement/la transformation de l’espace de travail en espaces collaboratifs au Siège du SEAE

Procédure négociée: Espaces collaboratifs

Service Européen pour l’Action Extérieure

Forecast Services €60.000 – €135.000

Description: Prestation de services visant à accompagner le SEAE dans une réflexion stratégique sur la conduite du changement et la transformation de l’espace de travail en espaces collaboratifs que ce soit au Siège du SEAE ou dans les 140 délégations de l’Union européenne dans les pays tiers.

Date prévue de lancement: septembre 2017

Durée prévue du contrat: 8 mois (octobre 2017/juin 2018)

Adresse administrative: Service Européen pour l’Action Extérieure, Division BA.IBS.4, Bureau Parc 04/231, Rond-point Schuman 9A, B-1046 BRUXELLES

Deadline to express your interest (inscription): 31/08/2017

Sending of invitation to tender (Indicative time):  Septembre 2017