Video Interviewing Software for UN agency based in Vienna

Tender: Video Interviewing Software Package

Contractor: The Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, Vienna

Deadline: 2/4

Background: As part of the Commission’s recruitment process, the Human Resources Services (HRS) requires the pre-recorded video interviewing software to be used as a candidate pre-screening tool. The software will provide candidates with flexibility to complete interviews at any convenient time within the given timeframe and from any location with access to the internet. Furthermore, the pre-recorded interview software application will allow a flexible interview evaluation process for hiring managers. (i.e. multiple times of video reviewing).

Scope of Services: The Contractor shall ensure that the Services are provided in accordance with the below mentioned requirements:

a) The Contractor shall provide a full hosted solution including system set-up, customization, support, on-going updates, activity reports and maintenance as part of the following deliverables for the period from01 June 2020 to 31 May 2023: Minimum of 450 interview invitations (per year) with an option to transfer any unused slots to the following year; Possibility to use various formats of media in interview questions (text, video, audio and images including diagrams, tables, etc.); Configurable interview duration; Unlimited users/User permissions; Administrator account; Access for multiple users  to review interviews; Adjustable interview closing date (in-built interview scheduling tool); Interview closing time and date translated into equivalent local time of candidate; Accessibility from anywhere and ease of access from major internet browsers (incl. apps, mobile responsive); Automatically sending email reminders; Storage compliant with GDPR; Provision of intro video and guide for both users and candidates; Continuous user training; 24/7 on-going user support through phone, instant messaging or email; User statistics reports; Dedicated Client Success Manager who shall be main point of contact for queries related to setting up and running of the account. CSM will assist (if required) with setting up the interview and reviewing the interview questions.

(b) Support Process: i. Candidate Support 24/7 email support and office hour telephone support for candidates for general and system pre-test related queries; ii. User Support 24/7 email support and office hour telephone support. First line support handled by telephone and/or email, and if required, escalated to the relevant party.

(c) Upgrades: 1. The software is SaaS (Software as a Service); as such, all enhancements, all issues resolutions and new features are available to all users of the system; 2. The Contractor shall ensure that software changes, upgrades, and fixes are transparent to the Commission.

(d) Storage of Video Interviews: All video interviews are stored and accessible from within the Commission’s account for a minimum of 24 months from the date they are recorded. This is standard storage and is included within the pricing quoted.  After this period, with advance notice given to the Account Administrator, videos will be deleted, or may be stored for a longer period of time upon request.

(e) Hardware Requirements: The software is designed to be used within a browser, and is compatible with all modern web browser software including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

(f) Service Level The system shall be available 99% of the time or more, with no more than 7 hours of accumulated downtime in any month.

Duration: The Services shall start on 01 June 2020 and shall be provided until 31 May 2023. At the end of the Contract Period, the Commission shall have the option to extend the Services for additional period of two (2) years at the terms and conditions set out in this Contract.