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Service Oriented Architecture & Identity Management Platform for NATO HQ



Call: Provision of Service Oriented Architecture & Identity Management Platform (SOA & IdM)

Contracting Authority: NATO HQ, Brussels

Estimated Project Value: 10,440,458 EUR (Wave 1)

Security Clearance for bidding: NATO Restricted, for implementation: NATO Secret

Specifically, this project will provide:

4.1. A middleware platform in the form of a common set of Web Services that are responsible for security, integration, registry & repository, service management, information discovery and hosting;

4.2. Refined Identity Management (ldM) business processes with a set of IdM services to FSs and other Core Services;

4.3. Additional security services and control mechanisms;

4.4.lntegration with NPKI (NATO Public Key Infrastructure) to support strong authentication;

4.5.lnterfaces with other current and future IdM-related systems;

4.6. The Alliance Replication Hub (ARH) as the directory interface between NATO and Nations.

Details here.

The following phases are Casted and Evaluated options:

Wave 1 O&M   € 7,122,885      €8,903,606

Wave 2             € 12,357,380    € 15,446,725

Wave 2 O&M   € 11,347,043     € 14,183,804

Bidders must ask their National Authorities (MoDs) for the Declarations of Eligibility before Dec.4.

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