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Online video production, creative graphic design, printing… for WHO

Tendr: Miscellaneous creative and printing services (to source a variety of service providers in the area of graphic design, photography, videography and printing)

Contracting Authority: World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva

Deadline: 9/3

Work to be performed: This request for proposals covers several areas and interested providers are invited to submit a bid in area/areas of interest. For example, a provider can choose to only bid on printing services or creative design or both. 

Key requirements: Creative agency for graphic design work  Strong practical background in graphic design (reports, briefs, investment cases etc).  Deliver mature, clear cutting-edge designs and solutions while demonstrating an understanding of the communication requirements of a UN agency. New innovative ideas are welcome.   Experience designing flyers, banners, illustrations, infographics, icons, GIFs, customized newsletter templates, banners etc for Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor. and other assets for print and/or digital media with/without animations.  Experience in designing interactive statistical tables, dashboards, country profiles, league tables etc)  Proven experience of graphic production from start to published/printed product with knowledge of printing processes (offset and digital) and colour management.  Able to source appropriate pictures for reports and other documents. Access to a bank of photos and other creative assets is a plus. We would expect designers to help us source relevant photos as we do not have access to any ourselves  Good understanding of new and evolving technologies and digital platforms.  Proven ability to deliver clear, rigorous work within short periods of time, willingness to come up with creative ideas, suggestions based on the purpose and guidance for a specific project.  Meticulous, with strong attention to detail and able to spot errors or other problems that come up in the design phase as well as propose solutions when needed.  Familiarity with women’s, children’s, adolescent’s health and wellbeing issues is a plus. 

Photography services   Creativity and experience shooting various types of professional photos including: corporate team photography, event photography, Social media photography, print/editorial photography   Available for full-day or half-day photo shoots with all necessary equipment and assistance when necessary (optional)  Able to offer photo editing, colour correction and retouching  Deliver complete photo library access with full usage rights.  Out of the box thinking welcome!

 Videography services  A digital video expert for event and online video production with experience producing corporate marketing/branding video, speakers & talking head interviews, event videography, testimonials, speaker videos, video editing (voice over, subtitles).  Eye for detail and comprehensive experience in professional video production  Experience editing videos to produce short takes for social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.  Deliver full postproduction services 

Printing services  Professional full-service high-quality printing company  Experience, reliability, flexibility and the able to offer quick turnaround times  Using high-performance press to deliver colour printing with offset printing, digital printing or sign printing options.   Deliver a range of printing service and products including business cards, reports, flyers, brochures, folders as well as large-format printing including, banners, roll-ups, posters etc.    Provide proofs before final print runs  Provide delivery/shipping services of final prints  Good communication and exceptional customer services

Place of performance: The Contractor can carry out the tasks remotely at their operations base.

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