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NATO potřebuje nový Travel Management System


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Zakázka: Travel Management System

Zadavatel: Centrála NATO, Brusel

Fáze: Request for Information (RFI)

Deadline pro zaslání potřebných informací/projevení zájmu: 24/1/2018

The purpose of this RFI is to understand to what extent commercially available Travel Management System (TMS) are suited to support NATO Headquarters’ Travel processes and to collect information about potential service providers and their current and future resources and capabilities.

Details: “Travel Management System” or “TMS”: represents the set of computer programs, processes, databases, interfaces, and technical infrastructure, which is made available to the Organization in order to support the Organization’s Travel operations

Vyžadované kompetence/služby:

a.)          Supply & Implementation of a TMS with an integrated Expense and Online-Booking tool

b.)          (Key) User training

c.)           Supply of yearly licenses for the TMS

d.)          Maintenance and support services for the TMS (yearly)

e.)          Supply of IT Consulting services regarding the implementation of change orders to the TMS after go-live.

f.)           Booking of Travels through the Supplier’s Online Booking tool (Air, Rail,  Hotel, Bundle etc.) in collaboration with the Organization’s Travel Management Company (TMC)

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