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NATO potřebuje nový IT systém na správu svých akcí


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Zakázka: Event Management System (EMS) implementation and support

Zadavatel: NATO HQ, Brussels

The Contractor is expected to provide the software solution, the technical expertise, the management and supervision required to implement the EMS solution, an integrated system that will enable NATO´s Public Diplomacy Division, The Council Secretariat and other relevant NATO stakeholders to plan, manage and support high-level events efficiently.

Solution objectives: Implement a modern and integrated web-based solution to support management of NATO events that involve media coverage. The solution is expected to support all the processes taking place in preparation, during and after an event has occurred. The solution must introduce the flexibility required to manage all different types of NATO events such as summits, ministerial and bilateral meetings, visits of the Secretary General, press conferences and press tours.

Background information:  NATO is organising frequently different high-level events that require the presence of the Secretary General (such as interviews, press conferences, bilateral meetings) but is also one of the few organisations world-wide that organises events at Head of State/Government and Ministerial level on a regular basis:

•             A summit on average every 18 months with around 1200 media participants and 2300 National Delegation Members

•             Five ministerial meetings per year with around 220 media participants and 500 National Delegation Members each

•             Around 150 bilateral meetings in the context of each summit

•             Around 30 bilateral meetings in the context of each ministerial meeting

•             Approximately 75 bilateral meetings with the Secretary General per year

•             Around 400 press interviews per year with the Secretary General or Deputy Secretary General

•             Around 300 small events per year, such as Press Tours and Visits of the Secretary General that include media coverage etc., with 5-10 media participants each

•             Around 6 trips of the Council per year with 50-150 participants each

•             Around 35 trips of the Secretary General (including on average 12-15 people) and 30 trips of the Deputy Secretary General (including on average 1-3 people) per year

Deadline: 15/11

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