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NATO plans to improve its communication infrastructure, buying new CMS



Call for: Digital Asset and Web Content Management System

Authority: NCIA (NATO Communication and Information Agency), Brussels

Estimated Amount: €7.600.000

NOI closing: 23/06/2023

RFQ closing: 28/07/2023

Exp. Contract award: 15/12

Project Objective

a. NATO Headquarters’ Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) is undergoing a transformation program to improve the communication infrastructure of the alliance.

b. The project aims to support this transformation by replacing the current Digital Asset Management System (DAMS; and the Web Content Management (WCM; system by a single fit-for-purpose Content Management System (CMS). This CMS shall:

i. Ensure unity of operation by consolidating the DAMS and WCM systems into a single shared platform;

ii. Support improved NATO multimedia asset lifecycle processes by providing optimized privileges and workflow management;

iii. Optimize the access to public NATO multimedia assets of the media and the general public by improved discoverability and presentation of content;

iv. Increase retrieval and availability of NATO multimedia assets by other NATO bodies.

Scope of Work

a. The scope of work is planned to consist of three work packages:

i. Technical Implementation.

1. Implementation and hosting of a new CMS cloud solution/service that provides enhanced WCM and DAMS capabilities;

2. Migration of the data from the old DAMS system to the new solution;

3. Product training and on-the-job training;

4. Support in the transition (cutover) from the old WCM solution to the new solution

5. Support in the security accreditation process of the new solution

ii. Configuration.

1. Work closely with PDD in multiple iterations to identify and configure the system to the ways of working and workflow of the organization;

2. Work closely with PDD in multiple iterations to develop the content templates based on the applicable NATO communication directives and standards.

iii. Service Delivery

1. Ensure appropriate and timely (security) patching and technical refreshment of the solution;

2. Continuously align the solution privileges, workflows, templates and other artefacts with PDD requirements (Change Management);

3. Perform system monitoring, incident response, and performance reporting;

4. Supporting the re-accreditation process of the solution

5. As required, provide regular product training and on-the-job training.

Technical Constraints

a. The solution must be based on one of the six following products:

i. Adobe Experience Manager

ii. Liferay

iii. Sitecore

iv. Contentstack

v. Kentico

vi. Storyblok

b. The technical solution must limit the amount of customization that is required and should maximize configuration of standardized out-of-the-box functionality.

c. The contractor must have proven prior experience in implementing and configuring the CMS solution in a non-commercial multi-national organization with the same size as NATO.

d. The solution must fully comply with the Technical and Implementation Directive for the Protection of NATO Information within Public Cloud-Based Communication and Information Systems (reference D)1. This includes:

i. Delivery and support in creation of an Accreditation Documentation Set

ii. Support in the execution of security validation tests

iii. Support in the execution of penetration tests and system validation audits

e. The solution must receive system security accreditation by the NATO Security Accreditation Authority (SAA)

f. Optionally, the contractor can leverage the NCI Agency’s AWS Extranet, which provides a managed and accredited Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) up to the Operating System (OS) layer.

National authorities are advised that the RFQ package is anticipated to be NATO UNCLASSIFIED. However, the RFQ and the contractual documents could contain references to other NATO documents classified as NATO RΞSTRICTED.

 The successful bidder could be required to handle and store classified information up to the level of NATO RΞSTRICTED. Therefore, individuals with access to this information must have the appropriate clearance.

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