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NATO Communications Agency needs new IT HW and support for its Information Portal


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Call: Information Administration Services and Upgrade NATO Information Portal

Contracting Authority: NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), Brussels – Belgium

Contract Value: €9.559M for Investment + €6.5M (Estimated Ceiling Cost for the 5-years Operation and Maintenance)

The formal IFB is planned to be issued in the Q1 2020, with a Bid Closing Date in Q2 2020, and Contract Award is planned for Q3 2020.

National responsible authorities (usually MoDs/DoDs) are kindly requested to provide to the NCI Agency Declarations of Eligibility, not later than 24 January 2020

1. Introduction: NATO had three IKM Tools to support information management: for Document Management (Document Handling System – DHS), for Tasking (Tasker Tracker Enterprise- TTE) and for publishing information (NATO Information Portal – NIP). NCIA upgraded DHS to Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) and TTE to Tasker Tracker Plus (TT+) in the Operational Network (ON) and Protected Business Network (PBN) under Project P95 Step 1. P95 Step 1 included the upgrade and migration of DHS and TTE applications, from MOSS2007 to SharePoint 2013 and centralizing them in NCI Agency Data Centers.

2. Project Scope: The purpose of this project is to provide Information Administration Services (IAS) and is intended to upgrade the existing NATO Information Portal (NIP), Enterprise Document Management Services (EDMS), the Tasker Tracker Plus (TT+) workflow management system and underlying hardware infrastructure ensuring it uses ITM approved hardware components. In addition, the project intends to proliferate IAS across a range of network domains – currently this capability is primarily available at the NATO SECRET (Operational Network (ON)) level.

P95 Step 2 will deliver:

 A solution that will run on top of the ITM hosted SharePoint 2016 platform, an upgrade and migration of the P95 Step 1 deliverables (including data) from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016 is required.

 Extend the IKM tools deployment to the PBN network and two dedicated Mission Network (MIR) as well as Training network.

 Architect, procure and install the required hardware, based on the proposed IKM tools solution, and ensure it integrates, and is compliant with, the ITM approved hardware list.

 Additional IKM functions will be included:

* Analytics: to process and analyse big amount of data and report it in different ways to the users

* Workflow application: to provide a generic purpose, highly customizable worklow capability usable by the Commands

* Collaborative Workspace: to enhance collaboration among users when sharing information products: documents, images and alike

* Distribution and Archiving to extend the information awareness to external partners and domains and to securely store information for long time preservation.

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