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Graphic Design and Digital Reports for Unitaid, Geneve

Long Term Agreement for Communications Products (Graphic Design, Data Visualizations, Audiovisual Products, Digital and Interactive Reports)


Published: 21/2

Deadline: 13/3

Requested start date: April 2024

Completion date: April 2027

Duration of contract period: Three years, renewable twice for an additional period of one year each, at Unitaid’s discretion and subject to satisfactory performance).

Overview and current approach: The Communications Unit in Unitaid oversees the production of a range of communications products including materials for advocacy campaigns and events, digital content including static graphics and short videos for use on Unitaid’s social media channels and website, email newsletters, digital and print publications and brochures, and other content requiring graphic design skills and experience.

Objectives of the present activity: Unitaid is seeking to partner with a communications company or companies (hereafter ‘the Contractor/s’) that will help enhance Unitaid’s external communications through development of 1) graphic design, 2) audiovisual (and/or animation) production, 3) data visualizations (videos and/or short animations), 4) digital and interactive reports, including the flagship annual report.

Unitaid may during a certain period procure certain services from the selected providers at prices which will remain fixed for the duration of the Long Term Agreement (LTA) or framework/umbrella agreement (three years, renewable twice for an additional period of one year each, at Unitaid’s discretion and subject to satisfactory performance). Specific services will be provided under separate requests, issued by Unitaid on a case-by-case basis (each of which will reference the terms of the LTA or framework/umbrella agreement). The LTA or framework/umbrella agreement will not constitute an obligation on the part of Unitaid to request any services from the selected providers. Services will be requested on an as-needed basis, as determined by Unitaid. There will be no guarantee of any minimum volume of services and Unitaid retains the right to enter into multiple LTAs or framework/umbrella agreements, and/or to engage similar services from other sources.

Qualification of Firm and Consultants: The successful bidder will assemble a team that can support the works required above, with sufficient project management oversight and seniority. The firm and proposed team shall have expertise in the following:

• Extensive demonstrated experience in producing the relevant activities described in the scope of works, in the field of one or more of the following areas – graphic design, audio-visual products, data visualization, and digital and interactive reports.

• Demonstrated expertise in developing communications products that will resonate with Unitaid target audiences and that are fit-for-purpose on Unitaid channels, including but not limited to its social media channels; its website; events such as symposiums and forums (mainly through videos, banners, presentations, etc.); broadcast media; and traditional media.

• Demonstrated excellent organizational skills and project management experience.

• Excellent oral and written communication skills in English are required, with the ability to distil complex technical subjects in clear and accessible messages.

• The following would be desirable: Demonstrated understanding of the global health sector in which Unitaid operates and/or understanding of global health or development issues.

Unitaid is seeking a range of providers preferably with counterparts in different regions of the world (including low- and middle-income countries) that are forward-thinking with an ambitious attention to detail, a high design aesthetic and awareness of audience needs and digital trends.

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