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Evropský SatCen vypíše tendr na dodavatele služeb návrhu a vývoje nového webu Copernicus

Tendr : Návrh a vývoj nového webu Copernicus  (Copernicus Service in Support to EU External Action).

Zadavatel : Satelitní centrum EU SatCen (Torrejon de Ardoz, Španělsko)

Je třeba projevit formálně zájem do 12/11

The purpose of the Copernicus SEA Service website is to promote the Copernicus SEA Service, provide information and raise awareness amongst the broadest possible audience and potential new users, boost user engagement and contribute to the global communication activities of Copernicus.

The SatCen is looking for an experienced company in designing and creating high-quality websites. The selected company will be responsible for the following activities:

•             Content design and organisation – analyse the current website content, organise it and prepare it for the subsequent integration into the new website template developed by the European Commission.

•             Implementation and integration of the new Copernicus website template – analyse and propose the best implementation approach for the new visual design, ensuring consistency with the content of the current Copernicus SEA website.

•             User experience enhancement – define and analyse from a user experience perspective the most optimal user journey within the website.

•             Migration of the new Copernicus SEA website – guarantee the proper packaging and migration from the development environment to production.

•             Training to SatCen Personnel – provide training to SatCen staff on the management of the Copernicus SEA website and its analytic systems.

The website is expected to run on the Kubernetes infrastructure, available at the SatCen premises.

The maximum value of the contract is 60,000 Euro, without VAT.

The maximum duration of the required services is 9 months. The delivery of the website is expected by September 2022 at the latest.

The signature of the contract is expected by December 2021.

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