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Centrála NATO nakoupí 82 uzamykatelných dobíjecích skříní na mobily a laptopy


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Call: The supply, delivery and installation of a total amount of eighty-two (82) lockers units.

NATO HQ, Brussels

Registration for Mandatory Site Visit deadline: 27/4/2021 18:00 

Mandatory Site Visit: 30/4/2021 10:00

Deadline for the Bid: 28/05/2021 12:00

Due to the different locations where those lockers units must be installed, the request is to have three different models of lockers, indicated in this Statement of Work and on the drawings as Model A, Model B and Model C.

All three models should comply with the same technical specifications. Model A, Model B and Model C only differ in their dimensions and number of storage slots.

Technical specifications – Lockers body:

o             The body of the lockers is made out of high quality steel.

o             All materials are new, the use of any reused material is not accepted.

o             Lockers are to be free standing from floor (“stand alone”) to maximum height of 1750 mm bearing in mind that a pedestal is required to bring the height of the lowest lockers up to 170 mm from the floor.

o             Lockers dimensions shall be:

             Model A: 1750mm H x 375mm W x 400mm D

             Model B: 1750mm H x 1000mm W x 400mm D

             Model C: 1750mm H x 750mm W x 400mm D

o             As shown on the bill of quantities, models B and C represent the vast majority of the lockers required, model A quantities being marginal.

o             Lockers shall have a lower section with large storage units intended for the storing of large electronic devices, and upper section with small storage units intended for the storing of mobile phones:

             Model A: fourteen (14) small storage units and one (1) laptop/tablet storage unit.

             Model B: forty-two (42) small storage units and five (5) laptop/tablet storage units.

             Model C: twenty-eight (28) small storage units and three (3) laptop/tablet storage units.

             11 spare parts (5 units of each model B & C and 1 unit of model A) should be delivered as well on top of the 82 but not installed (see the bill of quantities)

o             Bidders have the possibility to slightly adapt dimensions (smaller, never larger) and the capacity (more, never less capacity) if their systems offer alternatives.

o             Welded plinth between each tier making each compartment totally separate.

o             Color to be selected by NATO from samples provided at proposal.

o             Finishing: strong scratch resistant powder coating.

–              Locker doors:

o             Frameless doors allowing access to the entire width of the locker.

o             Minimum 0.9 mm thickness.

o             Engraved numbers in order to identify each storage unit.

–              Locker bodies:

o             Total weight shall be under 500Kg/m2.

o             Sides and backs minimum thickness of 0.9 mm.

–              Hardware:

o             Hinges:

             Concealed stainless steel hinges.

             Door shall open at least 90º.

             All doors should turn in the same direction (right).

o             Locks: Electronic combination locks, type “Loggere Pincode Lock ref: DLM 3780” or equivalent:

             Four digit combination lock for each storage unit.

             8 digits master code.

             Choice of Modes:

o             Private mode (user code retained when opened) or

o             Public mode (user code retained with lock set in Public mode)

o             Technician mode (user code retained with lock set in Public mode)

o             Mechanical override key (2000 differs, master option)

o             Include integrated noise absorber for the doors.

o             Anti-vibration layer covering the bottom of each locker.

o             Lockers’ material must comply with Host Nation Belgium Fire Laws and Regulations, knowing that buildings are to be considered as “Bâtiments Moyens”. More specifically, they must offer the demanded Fire Reaction (min. E-d2). The bidder is responsible in any case for controlling Fire laws and regulations, and the compliance of their products.

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