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Zakázka: Use your rights – EU-wide umbrella communication campaign on EU consumer rights

Zadavatel: Evropská komise, DG Justice and Consumers, Brussels

Doba trvání kontraktu: 18 měsíců

Orientační budget: €5.000.000

Nature of services requested: The future contractor will design, prepare, pre-test, produce, implement and monitor an integrated communication campaign across the EU under the supervision of the European Commission, with a specific focus on 10 selected Member States in terms of particular themes (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain). Time frame: maximum 18 months following the signature of the contract. The campaign is expected to kick off within a maximum of eight weeks after the signing of the contract. The information and communication products that are part of this campaign should – throughout the implementation of the campaign – take into consideration ongoing major campaigns by the European Commission. DG JUST will seek to where possible create synergies, sharing information and using the existing platforms (social media, web) of relevant DG’s in reaching out to multipliers.

Deadline: 6/3


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