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Agentura EFSA z Parmy potřebuje menší výpomoc s komunikací

Tendr: Measuring Impactful communication, engagement and cooperation

Zadavatel: Evropský úřad pro bezpečnost potravin (EFSA), Parma, Itálie

Deadline: 22 March 2019 – 23:59

Context: EFSA Communication, Engagement, and Cooperation department is planning to launch a call to develop a framework to measure the effectiveness of the full range of its activities. The project aims to:

define meaningful progress indicators as well as KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the full range of its activities;

to create mechanisms that allow these measurements to be taken;

setting up dashboards that are up-to-date and allow prioritisation and business decisions to be taken;

develop a measurement and analytics framework taking into consideration the integrated nature of these activities.

The project will have an equal emphasis on measuring the impact of communication and the advocacy work carried out with EFSA stakeholders, the European Member States as well as national and international food safety authorities.

Budget: 60.000,00 €

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