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WTO needs a new AI powered intelligent search capability based in Open-Sourced technologies



Intelligent Search Services – the provision , implementation and management

The World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneve

Deadline: 17/10

Rationale and key aspects – The project has multiple goals:

 Deliver a modern Search interface, user friendly and intuitive, incorporating the latest technologies on the market.

 Deliver a single interface for WTO material/sources, phasing-out the current search.

 This new digital capability will contribute to making the WTO the trusted one-stop online gateway search to the most objective and insightful world trade information.

 It will be delivered in four phases where each phase will undergo a review and decision to continue or not

Equipment: WTO Azure infrastructure will be provided by WTO as part of our general contract for Azure.

Areas of specialization: Our research needs to be based on Open-Sourced technologies, some of which are mentioned below:

 Natural Language Processing (NLP)  Tokenization  Named Entity Recognition  Part-Of-Speech  Sentiment Analysis  Machine Translation  Knowledge Graphs (KG)  Ontology  Entity Extraction  Machine Learning (ML)  Conventional search engines and techniques (indexes, tagging)  Search as a Service (SaaS)  Generative AI (GAI)  Elasticsearch (ES)  Large Language Models (LLM)  ChatGPT

Qualifications: The company and consultant charged for this mandate must have relevant experience in the following areas:

a. Proven expertise in the technologies mentioned above.

b. Used to understand and support business functions with Search applications in various type of industries.

c. Proven expertise in data collection and analysis; as well as in drafting and editing reports.

d. Used to communicate at CIO-level and peers about Search technologies both orally and in writing.

Previous experience

* The company must have a minimum three years’ experience in providing expertise in Search technologies, particularly conventional search engines and techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Natural language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Knowledge Graphs, focus on Open-Sourced technologies and Managed Services (Search as a Service).

* The consultant must have a minimum of 5 years’ knowledge and expertise in Search technologies, particularly Conventional search engines and techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Natural language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Knowledge Graphs, focus on Open-Sourced technologies.

* Knowledge and experience with Managed Services (Search as a Service).

Project Duration: Consultancy for the discovery phase, 20 days (approx.). After the discovery stage, the estimated time for the prototype and final implementation is 2 to 3 months. For the maintenance, Managed Services is the envisaged solution for a duration of one year renewable annually for up to three years and then, extendable to 5 years, subject to budget availability and satisfactory performance of the provider. The company selected will engage in this project from November 2023 to May 2024.

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