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Web development, coding, maintenance, hosting and analytics for an UN agency

Tender: Web development, coding, maintenance, hosting and analytics (Polio Eradication programme)

Contracting Authority: UN – World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva

Key requirements: WHO is looking for expertise within the following 2 profiles. Service providers can propose their services for one or both of the profiles, as they seem fit.

Profile 1: Web development/coding

Purpose: To provide services for website development, coding and back office changes to modules within the Word Press environment.

Expected Deliverables:

  1. New modules and functionalities for website; new sections
  2. Improved search functionalities
  3. Creation of dynamic infographics drawn from the POL database and other data team sources
  4. Integration of financial data reporting

Profile 2: Website hosting and maintenance

Purpose: To provide services for website hosting, analytics and ongoing maintenance.

Expected Deliverables:

  1. General support for bugs, including on mobile, for all problems that can’t be solved in front office by Web Manager
  1. Support for SEO optimization of website, primarily back office, with some front office
  2. Support on creating templates for tracking impact in Analytics, in line with evolving needs
  3. Possible need for backup in publishing stories when required
  4. All other back office needs

3.3.2 Place of Performance: Assignments may involve meetings in the Central European time zone. Geographical proximity to Geneva, WHO headquarters, or close to the same time zone, is an asset. Teleconferencing, videoconferencing or web conferencing capabilities are required.

Deadline 31/9

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