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Vienna-based IAEA agency needs experts for the Records Management Project



Request for proposal: Records Management Project

Contracting Authority: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, Austria

Deadline 8/12

Scope: This RFP describes the requirements for the Agency wide Records Management Project to revise the IAEA Records Management Programme. The Contractor cooperates with the Records Advisory Team of ARMS and the Unit Head of the Records Unit and works under the overall guidance and direct supervision of the Section Head of MTGS-ARMS.

The service requirements are summarised as the following Phases: ¨

  1. a) Phase 1: Creation and delivery of a project plan including identification of tools and methodologies to execute an Agency wide records and data survey project;
  2. b) Phase 2: Executing a records and data survey, including personal interviews across the Agency;
  3. c) Phase 3: Drafting the divisional Records and Data Retention Schedules; and
  4. d) Phase 4: Revising the Agency File Plan and Taxonomy, including supporting procedures and guidelines.

The desired start date of the project is 01 February 2018.

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