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Vídeňská Agentura pro atomovou energii potřebuje WEB SSO infrastrukturu


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Tendr: Professional Support Services for IAEA WEB SSO infrastructure

Zadavatel: IAEA – The International Atomic Energy Agency, Vídeň

Deadline 14/11 – 17:00 CET

Scope: This Statement of Work describes the IAEA´s requirements for professional support services for the IAEA WEB Single Sign On Infrastructure. This Infrastructure was implemented several years ago as a pivotal component of the IAEA IT security framework. The Infrastructure is split into Production, Development and Quality Assurance environments. The Infrastructure was built to support a solution that was designed and put in place to provide single sign on and federate services for a plethora of internal and external WEB applications. This solution is based on a composition of proprietary technologies (CA Siteminder and IDM; Microsoft Share Point; Microsoft IIS; Linux WEB Servers) and open source SAML providers and libraries. The Infrastructure is currently hosted at the IAEA headquarters located in the Vienna International Center in Vienna, Austria. The IAEA is considering expanding it to a secondary site located in Seibersdorf, Austria and also making it a component of a hybrid cloud datacentre solution which is being constructed using the Microsoft Azure platform. The IAEA also plans to build a separate new Test environment. The IAEA requires the services of a designated team of professional engineers, skilful in all of the aforementioned technologies to provide ongoing operational support and solution engineering for the Infrastructure.

Mandatory Technical Requirements

The Contractor shall review the current IAEA WEB SSO Infrastructure and compile and maintain a documentation portfolio to be used as reference material for further support issue resolutions.

The Contractor shall design and implement solutions that will support any changes required to be made to address: • Findings of regular security tests; • Enhancements required as a result of technology platform evolution;   • Expansion of the Infrastructure to the secondary site and the hybrid datacentre; and • Any changes related to building a new Test environment. 3.1.3. The Contractor shall support and resolve all operational issues related to the Infrastructure, including but not limited to: • Upgrades; • Updates; • Software patching; and • Integration and customisation required to maintain the operational functionality of the Infrastructure.

Mandatory Functional Requirements

The Contractor shall name at least two (2) technical experts who will intervene, on an on-call basis, at the IAEA premises or off-site as required by the IAEA. The technical expert who intervenes for a given incident shall remain assigned to such incident until it is resolved.

The Contractor shall provide the IAEA with telephone numbers of the service centre(s) providing 24/7 availability.

The Contractor shall provide the following account management structure. All of the Contractor’s designated personnel shall be fluent in English: • Account Manager; • Customer Support Account Manager as a single point of contact for support issues; • Engineering Manager; and • At least two (2) certified technical experts, having at least five (5) years of experience in CA specific technology, assigned to the account.

The ticketing system that the Contractor provides shall meet the following support targets:

  • The Contractor shall acknowledge all reported tickets/incidents by either email or phone call within one hour of being reported by the IAEA;
  • The Contractor shall provide a qualified technical expert within four (4) hours of designation of an incident at the highest severity level as determined by the IAEA;
  • The Contractor shall provide resolution within twenty-four (24) hours of designation of an incident at the highest severity level as determined by the IAEA; and
  • The Contractor shall actively participate in the resolution of identified problems and root cause analysis in which the Contractor-supported components are involved.

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