UX/UI Design Experts: UN-agency for ICTs needs you

Call for: UX/UI Design Experts

Contracting Authority: International Telecommunication Union (the UNs specialized agency for ICTs), Geneve

RFI closing date: 5/2 – 12:00

ITU is looking for: UX/UI Design Experts. The solution developed shall be highly responsive, easy to navigate and user-friendly applications.

* The supplier shall lead redesign of the user experience, by developing a deep understanding of the existing user interface (including what is working well as less well), go forward plans for new features and functions, and recommendations based on own evaluation and team/ user feedback.

* Delivery of user frames, wireframes, mock-ups/ or prototypes for new user interfaces and interactions to front end developers, working closely with them to ensure designs are implemented in the best way possible.

* Ensure designs are optimized to be mobile and web responsive.

* Validate solutions through user feedbacks and usability testing, consolidate findings and iterate feedback into design solutions.

* Create interaction models, user task flows, screen designs and UI details that promote ease of use and optimize task flows.

* Create custom graphics for end to end UX o Prepare plain HTML 5 with light weight Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

* Development of Progressive Web Application (PWA) which will be device agnostic.