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UNICEF: Tendr na komunikační strategii a brand building už běží

Communication Assets for Common Bid / Digital Public Goods initiative

UNICEF, New York + další místa

Deadline: 22/10 – 23:59 NY Time

INTRODUCTION: UNICEF Innovation seeks a service provider specializing in communications strategy, brand building, presentation materials, and web content to develop an investment case in narrative form for a new initiative led by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and UNICEF. The project will focus on school connectivity; creating a common bid for connectivity; increasing accessibility to digital public goods; and building the technological infrastructure to enable the initiative to happen at scale. The expected outcome will be to develop a robust system of materials for a global private sector audience that may be thinking about investing in the initiative.

PURPOSE AND MAIN ACTIVITIES: UNICEF Innovation is seeking to obtain the following services from a vendor with extensive expertise to complete the following tasks:

1. Developing a communications strategy and narrative for a private sector audience on global challenges and context of the initiative that clearly articulates needs that the initiative is responding to, and contains relatable material explaining the financing plan (pooled funding, common bid, etc.) to a variety of sophisticated audiences, visually.

The strategy shall contain key talking points, a wiki-like FAQ, and other supporting materials libraries as well as future state materials: what does this look like in 1,2, 5 years.

2. Developing a set of modular slide decks that can be adapted both for presentations and handouts:

o             <5-slide general summary deck to accompany the common narrative for a 3-minute presentation.

o             A ~30-40 slide master deck that can be broken into components for different audiences. All slide decks should minimize the use of dark backgrounds to account for printing.

3. Developing interactive content that demonstrates how to structure our narrative for 3-4 target audiences:

o             Creative methods of communicating the initiative that can be provided as interactive reference to key audiences. The vendor is expected to work with UNICEF in determining what these interactive assets could look like.

4. Designing and developing mechanisms for signup of new partners and onboarding, such as a live website with management of contacts and follow-up actions.

5. Creating a session plan for 1.5 day very high-level working meeting bringing together key partners and leaders in the space who can make significant financial and technical commitments.

6. Preparing and assisting during the kick off meeting (audience: founders, CEOs, ministers) similar to the Bellagio Kickoff Meeting for GAVI for reference. This will include:

Building out database of contacts, outlets and channels for ongoing communications about the initiative.

Writing summary documents and articles for different outlets and audiences (internal and external) on the initiative, including press releases, FAQs, articles, opeds.


•             Proven experience in providing services in public relations, communications, media engagement and placement, branding and other relevant fields.

•             Proven experience in developing visual communication design, branding, media design or related – and proven experience in translating complex ideas into clear visuals.

•             Proven experience in creating and/or managing brands which have scaled up globally.

•             Proven capability, capacity and experience working on similar projects from the concept to its implementation.

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