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UN Refugee Agency needs a Fundraising analytical platform


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Call: Fundraising analytical platform services

Authority: UNHCR (The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), Geneva

Closing date: 13 February 2020

Background: In 2018 UNHCR Private Sector Partnership (PSP) contributed 11% to the overall budget of the organization with the rest coming from governments. UNHCR has private sector fundraising programmes in 30 countries, including Italy, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, The Nederland, Mexico and Brazil. By 2025 UNHCR aims to raise US$1bn each year.

LOT 1 – Reporting, Data Management and Modelling

LOT 2 ‐ Analysis and data consultancy

Statement of Purpose & Objectives: UNHCR Private Sector Partnerships (PSP) is seeking to enter into a Frame Agreement (FA) with external service provider(s) for the maximum period of thirty‐six (36) months for attribution and optimization services with the possibility of two times twelve (12) months extensions, subject to satisfactory performance.

It is expected that the service provision may start by 1st of May 2020. UNHCR Private Sector Partnership has the following objectives by having this frame agreement in place:

 Provide in‐depth information on the performance of UNHCR fundraising activities at country level and globally. Expected outcomes are:

o at a country level, produce a comprehensive picture of our donors and provide detailed, customizable automated reporting and visualization of our fundraising programs so that managers and data analysts can:

‐ model different investment scenarios for growth and optimise acquisition and retention activities;

‐ develop segmentations and or propensity modelling for campaigns, appeals and fundraising activities by identifying our best donors;

‐ extract insights to help inform decisions around value, revenue and cost optimization;

‐ develop strategies, based on our data, to acquire, retain, upsell, cross‐sell, reduce attrition and develop ask strategies;

o at a global level, highlight key initiatives that UNHCR should focus on to maximize net long‐term income, highlighting current results and potential benefits on the long term if given targets are met.

 Improve the current developed data warehouse and systems to pull together fundraising data not only from local database systems (CRM), but also from Digital Engagement Database available, including and not limited to Google Analytics, globally and locally to broaden the range of analysis and reports obtainable from the centralised data warehouse. Ultimately being able to join online behaviour with offline data to give a 360‐degree view of supporters.

 Improve current data supply in terms of:

o Increase the frequency depending on the needs of the national operations,

o minimise the effort from National operation in providing the required data,

o reduce the time and effort needed for the entire supply process, from the data collection and data manipulation to the delivery of required reports and metrics.

 Identify and implement best solutions to empower UNHCR users at global and national level to interrogate the data and undergo ad hoc pieces of research (analysis) on areas not covered in the generic reports.

 Recommend and improve current modelling tools that will allow UNHCR to estimate long term performance of ongoing programs, provide analytical support to undertake ad hoc data analysis projects for specific fundraising activity, markets, or donor segments.

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